Building with straw

Build Troubles, take 1
Something funky is happening between cygwin, sh, and perl. I need help figuring out what

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XBL DOM Help Requested

I like the XBL anonymous content model a great deal, but there are a few questions I have unanswered

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I particularly like the proposed <xbl:element/> . If and when it’s implemented, it would give me a lot of flexibility for defining new XBL bindings. You could have a node list represented by an element with the following anonymous content model:


As I’m starting to explore C++ and building Mozilla, I’m thinking maybe this is something I should implement (bug 98712 ). But there are a few points which I don’t think the XBL spec really made clear when it came to how the DOM treats these anonymous nodes and their relationship to bound elements…
XBL Questions
I’d really appreciate any advice on what the blank fields in the document’s final table should be.

Hack The Matrix

Went to see “The Matrix Reloaded” today. Six words describe it best: “What the h*ll is going on?”
That’s sort of the feeling you have going on throughout the whole film. Which, I’m sure, is exactly what the Wachowski (sp?) Brothers intended!
Oh, most of the movie makes sense. But I just can’t figure out why Hugo Weaving’s ex-Agent Smith (ok, I just gave away a spoiler) is back

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. They never really make that clear in this film.
About the only bit I felt wasn’t necessary was the window-fogging scene between Neo and Trinity. Like we didn’t know that was happening; it just wasn’t necessary. I actually found myself thinking “get on with the story, man”. But, I guess they have hundreds of thousands of young male fans to satisfy… and I’m only one among those thousands.

OSCON 2003 in Portland, OR
Last year’s in San Diego, CA, was nice. This year, I won’t have to pay for the hotel room… my parents live right across the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA.
Looks like this year,’s presence will be restricted to Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BOFs)

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. Maybe we should try crashing the party (one BOF a day) 😉
BOF: Mozilla Beyond 1.4, BOF: QA & Triage, BOF: Bug Fixing, BOF: Business & Documentation, BOF: Anything Under The Sun, BOF: Introduction to Mozilla Technologies, etc.

The near-future of Inspector

I’ll let Christopher Aillon (module owner for Inspector) speak on long-term planning for Inspector, but I felt I should just take a moment to summarize just what I’ve been up to for Inspector.
First off, if you really want to look at all bugs filed against DOM Inspector, here’s a Bugzilla query:

Continue reading The near-future of Inspector

TransactionManager, part one

Transitional TxMgr Notes
Started doing some tinkering around for bug 179621. Here’s a documentation/logic breakdown for the first phase patch

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HTML DOM for XHTML docs as XML?

Bug 111514, including comments up to 80
There’s been a long and sharp debate on how Mozilla should treat an XHTML document’s DOM as the mime-type indicates it. I’ve made a static copy of the first 80 comments on the bug, so as to cut down on Bugzilla server load, and invite the discussion over here.
There are four mime-types for XHTML documents. The first, text/html, is irrelevant as that automatically triggers HTMLDocument. The best, application/xhtml+xml, currently is XMLDocument. (jst has a patch to make that HTMLDocument as well.)
The other two, application/xml and text/xml, are gray areas

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. My thinking now is these two mime-types we should continue to treat as XMLDocument for DOM purposes.
Extended debate welcome.


I sure wish my local library would install Mozilla 1.0.x or at least Netscape 7.0. Last time I tried raising the issue (at least six months ago), they weren’t too enthusiastic about the idea. When I first broached it well over a year ago, they mentioned possible issues with security (yeah, right, like IE is secure and Mozilla isn’t).
Oh, well

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. At least I got to sign a copy of my book over here at the JFK library. The library system’s website is

sr= for Inspector?

Is anybody supposed to super-review patches for DOM Inspector or not?
Bug 193726 has a simple patch, good docs in the bug, and it’s been sitting for over a month.
It’s blocking me on several other bugs for DOM Inspector

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. Including bug 112775, a very largish checkin that I’d like to get in for 1.4alpha. I don’t dare seek reviews on 112775 without 193726 fixed.
UPDATE: Thanks to roc for sr= on 193726. I get to eat crow, because caillon meant Venkman didn’t necessarily need sr=, but Inspector does.

Mug shot from San Diego, last June

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