Hack The Matrix

Went to see “The Matrix Reloaded” today. Six words describe it best: “What the h*ll is going on?”
That’s sort of the feeling you have going on throughout the whole film. Which, I’m sure, is exactly what the Wachowski (sp?) Brothers intended!
Oh, most of the movie makes sense. But I just can’t figure out why Hugo Weaving’s ex-Agent Smith (ok, I just gave away a spoiler) is back. They never really make that clear in this film.
About the only bit I felt wasn’t necessary was the window-fogging scene between Neo and Trinity. Like we didn’t know that was happening; it just wasn’t necessary. I actually found myself thinking “get on with the story, man”. But, I guess they have hundreds of thousands of young male fans to satisfy… and I’m only one among those thousands.

3 thoughts on “Hack The Matrix”

  1. hack the matrix..
    one word to you question (smith): think..
    better watch the movie again, this time
    listen to what he says.. ’cause he explains
    btw.. great movie

  2. what lies below is not a really a spoiler just a simple fragment of the plot
    answering WeirdAl question
    FYI…in “The Matrix” Neo comes back to life after being filled with lead by smith…As Neo finally begins to believe He kills smith by becoming one with him and makes him pop like a Kernel……now at this point somehow both of their codes get mixed together thus changing smith….now after that happen (Assuming) smith found someway to rebuild himself, but now free and not controlled by “The Source” which is so called main computer of the matrix but then agen im not so sure about that…..
    and another thing the oracle said something about a program has the choice to hide in the matrix or return to the source…
    well hope that answered something…unplugging


  3. Maybe spoilers…
    I think its also important to note that since Smith is no longer an agent, he also no longer possess their ability to comandeer the form of any human jacked into the Matrix… of course there’s little need for this when you can merely infect everyone’s body with yourself. Omnipresense can thus be defined in many ways.

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