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New features for Inspector’s JavaScript Object Panel

Bug 272906
“No power. So I rewired it!” — Tim Allen
Please bang away on the demo and give me your feedback. Find bugs in the demo? Comment to the main bug. Think the UI stinks? Comment to the main bug. Have other ideas for features? Comment to the main bug.
If you just want a direct link, try out the new, improved, mostly-working DOM Inspector JavaScript Object Viewer.
One neat feature is that, at least for now, you can manually reset the subject of the viewer (what the target is). Try this in your Mozilla location bar with the demo loaded:
javascript:viewer.subject = window;
I know I’ve asked if eval() is evil() in chrome before, but in the context of DOM Inspector and this object viewer, I don’t think that matters too much. You have to be pretty knowledgeable to trick someone into breaking their computer with this.
On a side note, I think this might be powerful enough to be a standalone chrome application. If enough people like it, I’d probably fork it off to a chrome://objectviewer/content/ URI, and have DOM Inspector use it as an overlay. (Although even I have to admit I’d have to see a lot of demand from the community for to justify it.)

The near-future of Inspector

I’ll let Christopher Aillon (module owner for Inspector) speak on long-term planning for Inspector, but I felt I should just take a moment to summarize just what I’ve been up to for Inspector.
First off, if you really want to look at all bugs filed against DOM Inspector, here’s a Bugzilla query:

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sr= for Inspector?

Is anybody supposed to super-review patches for DOM Inspector or not?
Bug 193726 has a simple patch, good docs in the bug, and it’s been sitting for over a month.
It’s blocking me on several other bugs for DOM Inspector. Including bug 112775, a very largish checkin that I’d like to get in for 1.4alpha. I don’t dare seek reviews on 112775 without 193726 fixed.
UPDATE: Thanks to roc for sr= on 193726. I get to eat crow, because caillon meant Venkman didn’t necessarily need sr=, but Inspector does.

Cabbage Patch Kids, take 7

Just put up the seventh proposed patch to bug 112775 @ — the primary “create nodes” bug for DOM Inspector. Works fine, beautifully, no JS errors or strict warnings I’m aware of. Only problem is you can cause Mozilla to hang by following a certain sequence of steps.
Which sucks vacuum.
I dunno. All I can say is that there’s no way in hell my code’s responsible for the hang, and I can prove that.