This just gets lovelier and lovelier.
(1) For some reason, sh isn’t calling perl correctly. And various people in #mozilla have been fairly adamant that building Moz with MingW on Win98SE is a fuggedaboudit kind of situation.
(2) I looked at the relatively simple instructions for building Mozilla on Linux, and I’d have to agree with them…
(3) So now I need to buy a Linux OS and get it installed on my system. Because that’s such a big leap for me (my experience with Linux is reading advertisements and computer magazine columns), I think I’ll pay someone to actually set it up for me and get my Internet connection working via Linux.
(4) Of course, cash flow is a bit of a problem…
And why do I want Linux or for that matter a buildable Mozilla? Well, it’s high time I learned C++ to do some of the cool things I dream of doing with the Lizard. I’m just a bit tired of having my hand held in understanding the Mozilla code beyond the UI.
Not sure that’s a great reason to learn, but I’m fairly sure I need to do this.

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  1. Glad to hear you are moving towards Linux 🙂
    Check out Knoppix, it’s a live CD ( you just put it in your drive, reboot, and you’re in Linux ).
    It’s Debian-based, and a great way to see if your hardware/etc. works with Linux, get on the internet etc. without having to actually install it on your hard drive.
    Knoppix allows you to install to your hard drive once you’re sure you want it; since it’s Debian-based you can upgrade it over the internet, install free software, change the GUI, etc. all over the internet for no charge.

  2. Knoppix is ok. My friend is setting up my firewall with Gentoo on it. I did Mandrake for a while, but updating it was a pain. Gentoo looks like it will make that much better.

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