Geek Goodies: Interstella 5555 (aka Daft Punk’s Discovery album)

A few years ago, I was watching Cartoon Network’s “Toonami”, and they had a special music videos night. I was very impressed by what I saw. Two groups leapt out at me: Gorillaz (“Get The Cool Shoe Shine!”), and Daft Punk (“More than ever, hour after hour, work is never over”). I eventually bought the albums and found Daft Punk’s work to be pretty good, Gorillaz’s to be okay.

Fast forward to today. I’m browsing through the local used music/movies store, and I come across “Interstella 5555” in the house music videos section. The subtitle is “The animated house musical.” As I am a casual fan of anime, I thought, “Okay, this is interesting.” Then I looked at the bottom of the cover, and saw some very familiar anime faces, from Daft Punk’s music videos.

I was pretty happy. Twenty bucks was a bit much to pay for twenty minutes of video, though, I thought. Then I saw the back cover – 65 minutes. In other words, the whole Discovery album as anime! The best part is I found another copy, used, for only thirteen bucks.

I never expected I’d get to see these anime music videos again. This is, for me, an instant collector’s item. You might think this is a cult item, but hey, we are human after all. 🙂

One thought on “Geek Goodies: Interstella 5555 (aka Daft Punk’s Discovery album)”

  1. I actually bought “Discovery” several years ago a short while after the clips taken from “Interstella 5555” were on screen.
    About 1 year and a half ago, a music TV channel broadcasted the whole “Interstella 5555” anime and I was quite surprised that its OST was in fact the whole Discovery album (since there’s a big gap between the continuity of the four first tracks and the fifth).
    But you might be mislead about the “whole Discovery album as anime”. In fact, (i I can remember), Daft Punk were choosen for the OST of Interstella 5555. Anyway, the music is so tightened to the animation that it doesn’t really matter…
    Yay for Daft Punk and Matsumoto!

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