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Of all the stupid ways to break a build…

A few weeks ago, my Linux operating system stopped talking to the Internet. So I made sure I could download the code via Windows (CygWin is so nice), and then copy it over. Right?
Well, not exactly. When I started building, the build would die hours later with a message, “No rule to make target ‘README’. Stop.” (This was under /xpfe/bootstrap/init.d .)
Someone told me to comment that out, and when I did that, I got the same error message for ‘LICENSE’.
This morning I ran the ‘gmake -d -f Makefile’ command from the init.d directory

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. It listed a bunch of things it looked for: ‘README’, ‘README.h’, ‘README.cpp’, etc. It didn’t find the README file… because somehow it got copied over as ‘readme’. (Lowercase letters.)
Fixed that for ‘README’ and ‘LICENSE’, and now I can successfully complete a build. I can’t access the Internet from home now (remember, I’m looking for a job), but I can develop and am developing several little tools and the Abacus MathML editor. If I keep up the current pace, I should have the editor, version 0.1, within about a week.
On another note, remember the Mozilla Runtime Engine idea? (I know, they’ve sometimes called it Gecko Runtime Engine, but…) Here’s what it really is.

Warnings from JS

Another question I had been asking myself is, “How do I throw strict warnings from JavaScript?” Well, I figured it out. The result is a file called warn.js for your chrome.
I may attempt to add them to jslib formally. (There’s a glitch with right now though.)
I also took the time this morning to figure out how to add a chrome-based project to an unjarred Mozilla from scratch. rginda’s XULKit project is nice; I just wish there was an XUL project implementation

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This is cool.

W3C Link Checker
Interestingly, the #1 problem I’m seeing in a quick glance at through the link checker is that the W3C’s HTML 4 Strict DTD is returning HTTP 500..

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