Warnings from JS

Another question I had been asking myself is, “How do I throw strict warnings from JavaScript?” Well, I figured it out. The result is a file called warn.js for your chrome.
I may attempt to add them to jslib formally. (There’s a glitch with b.md.o right now though.)
I also took the time this morning to figure out how to add a chrome-based project to an unjarred Mozilla from scratch. rginda’s XULKit project is nice; I just wish there was an XUL project implementation.

2 thoughts on “Warnings from JS”

  1. I can think of a few reasons. #1 is when a feature is deprecated but still used. #2 is when there is a “bad” situation I need to notify the user/developer of, but I don’t want an error to stop the script. (This can happen VERY often.) I can send it as a console message (the blue X icon) if I choose, with a simple alteration to the script, but…

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