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Cool Tip Of The Day: JavaScript Scope through “subscript loaders”

Anyone who does advanced JavaScript work is familiar with the concept of scope. It causes interesting problems, particularly if you want your script to work with someone else’s. (Function names may be same, generating a strict warning… or variable names may be the same, resulting in complete silence…) This becomes especially annoying when you design your application to accept overlays from others…

Enter a little-known component called the JavaScript subscript loader. (I don’t know the official name for it.) Many thanks to timeless for suggesting this component.

The beauty of this component isn’t that it can load scripts for you… it’s that you can give it a “scope” to play with. That scope can be a simple JavaScript object

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. (Omitting the second argument means it will use whatever scope it’s being loaded from.)

Even better, these scope objects inherit functions & variables from the script that spawned them, but not from other scope objects.

Check this out:

var b = 4;
var url1 = "var a = 3; dump('url1:\\na: ' + typeof a + '\\nb: ' + typeof b + '\\n')"
url1 = "data:application/x-javascript," + encodeURIComponent(url1);
const jsLoader = Components.classes[";1"]
var scopeObj1 = {};
jsLoader.loadSubScript(url1, scopeObj1);
var url2 = "dump('url2:\\na: ' + typeof a + '\\nb: ' + typeof b + '\\n')"
url2 = "data:application/x-javascript," + encodeURIComponent(url2);
var scopeObj2 = {};
jsLoader.loadSubScript(url2, scopeObj2);
function foo(evt) {
dump("main scope:\n");
dump("a: " + typeof a + "\n");
dump("scopeObj1.a: " + typeof scopeObj1.a + "\n");
window.addEventListener("load", foo, true);

This generates, in my console:

a: number
b: number
a: undefined
b: number
main scope:
a: undefined
scopeObj1.a: number

So, if you want your application to accept overlays, you just need a scope registry to prevent conflicts (mostly). Lo and behold:

const scopeRegistry = {
subscriptLoader: Components.classes[";1"]
registeredScopes: {},
getScope: function getScope(aScopeId) {
if (typeof this.registeredScopes[aScopeId] == "undefined")
this.registeredScopes[aScopeId] = {};
return this.registeredScopes[aScopeId];
loadScriptByScope: function loadScriptByScope(aURL, aScopeId) {
if (aScopeId) {
var scopeObj = this.getScope(aScopeId);
this.subscriptLoader.loadSubScript(aURL, scopeObj);
} else {

I suppose I should have some try…catch blocks around the loadSubScript call. But if there’s an error loading a script through this, we want to know about it!

How would you design a Mozilla-based XML editor?

Mozilla supports several XML languages now:

  • XUL
  • MathML
  • SVG
  • RDF
  • XBL
  • XSLT

All things considered, that’s quite a list. I’m just wondering: how could we build an editor in Mozilla that was flexible enough to switch from one language to another on the fly? (The problem I see is that there are language-specific editors, but not a central application you could add XML language packs to for editing.)
I myself have only a few ideas, but I’d like to hear yours as well

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. If we get a big enough list (complete with people who could code it), I may just start organizing a group of us together to work towards it. I’m talking anything from requirements to UI demos.
I just want to see what community feedback there is, and what we can do to lay some groundwork.
(I hope someone will remind me to ask the MozillaZine admins for a “whiteboard” wiki where I can display ideas you can edit. It would make this easier.)
UPDATE: Through the XUL:IDE page I was referenced to (sarcasm is appreciated 🙂 ), I found a sample for IBM’s compound editor. I didn’t like the fact that you had to do some serious digging to select a XUL element to add… it would be better if they just displayed a menubar specific to XUL when in XUL editing mode.

From new bug to fixed in less than 10 hours

Bug 287621

I admit, I pretty much had the patch ready to go when I filed the bug, and that it was a one-line change… but to get review+ and strong-review+ in four hours is phenomenal

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Thank you very much, rginda, bz!

<?ecmascript ?>

It’s not directly easy to place scripts anywhere you want in a generic XML document. Mozilla supports three ways I’m aware of:

  1. <html:script>
  2. <xul:script>
  3. <svg:script> /* maybe */

Obviously each of these has to be a descendant of the root element, or the root element itself..

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. XML processing instructions are only slightly encumbered, in that they must come after the XML declaration (<?xml version=”1.0″ ?>, for example) if it’s present. What if you want a script loaded before any other element? What if you don’t want extra namespaces?
PHP isn’t hampered this way at all. <?php ?> works just fine, and as intended by the W3C’s XML 1.0 and 1.1 Recommendations.
From XML 1.1:
[Definition: Processing instructions (PIs) allow documents to contain instructions for applications.]
Isn’t that, fundamentally, what JavaScripts are? Instructions for applications?
I’d propose two XML PI’s for Mozilla:

  1. <?ecmascript-inline /* script contents here*/?> for inline scripts
  2. <?ecmascript space-separated URLs to scripts ?> for scripts loaded from outside resources

Note that I’m not locked on those PI names. I also don’t necessarily think inline scripts, per the first processing instruction, are something we want to support… but the second, which is equivalent to <html:script src=”foo.js”/>, is probably a good idea.
Feedback? I suspect implementing this wouldn’t be hard. But would it be healthy for Mozilla, in your opinion?
I’ve not filed an enhancement bug, yet. I want to use this blog as a sounding board.

Innovations of disruption

I like glazou’s latest idea. Considering he gave us HTML overlays, maybe we as the community owe him one.
I commented that it looked a lot like a DOM node filter. I wonder how hard it would be to write a JS to do what he’s suggesting, generically

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. I also would have to figure out how to import the script (maybe as a Mozilla component), particularly with respect to XML (which prefers <?xml-stylesheet ?>).
Daniel, I’m thinking about ways to implement this for you.

Building JSLib: piece of cake (MinGW)

(1) for getting source code
(2) set MOZ_DIST=(path_to_mozilla_build)/dist/bin
(3) cd jslib
(4) sh configure
(5) make

That’s it. If you’ve built Mozilla, you can build JSLib.
Interestingly, the build process doesn’t install JSLib into Mozilla. I think that’s generally wise, but I can see some people expecting it automatically installing in chrome.
It’s the easiest build I’ve ever done of anything. Now, if I can get some decent tests for the various modules of JSLib, I can start putting together a “stable” JSLib. jslib/tests seems to have only a few tests of the io module…
Would anyone care to write some? I’ll be more than happy to provide a basic test harness, including code that can expect exceptions. So, if you want to write a test that you know should throw a particular exception, go for it. (Just please don’t use Venkman at the same time.)
If I do get a stable JSLib, I’ll offer it to MozDevGroup

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. If they post it, great. If not, I’ll offer it here.

Chrome testcases, Bugzilla, and XPI’s

Every now and then I run across a bug that you cannot reproduce without security privileges. However, it occurs to me we can provide XPI files as attachments, to offer testcases for such bugs within the chrome:// URI (experienced Bugzilla QA people only!)
I don’t see any particular reason we couldn’t…
I’m suggesting a specific chrome:// URI scheme for people to use if they post XPI’s for chrome-based testing of bugs.
The first part of the URI path would be “bugtests”. The second part, of course, is “content”, “locale”, or “skin”. The third part would be the bug number

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So, I could create an XPI that would install:
which I could then use in bug 179621 (thanks roc for the r/sr+) to demonstrate the principle I’m working towards, or a bug.
It should be fairly easy to accomplish this. Of course, people who use Bugzilla should take bug attachments that mess with chrome:// with a grain of salt…
UPDATE: On a related note, I just filed bug 270765. The two would go well together in assuring bug testers and developers that XPI attachments really are safe.


Over the past few months, I’ve stumbled across a baffling class of bug. Basically, the old saying “There Is More Than One Way To Do It,” where one way works correctly and another doesn’t.
Bug 267050 is one example. In that one, clicking a link works. Entering the link’s URL into the location bar and hitting enter results in a crash.
Another is bug 258365. In that one, replacing one node with another leads to a crash, but inserting the latter and removing the former separately works flawlessly.
In a sense, once a bug is recognized as a TIMTOWTDI bug, it’s both good and bad. Good in that the person who discovered the bug can always work around it, but bad in that the workaround suppresses a bug. For people who hack the lizard, good and bad here are reversed. Mozilla developers want to know about and to test bugs so bugs can be fixed, but if the user works around it, it just stagnates and bites probably another three or four people who haven’t reported it yet. So these kinds of bugs unintentionally and inadvertently pit developers against users, at least in the terms of what the goal is: to make things work right.
I don’t really know how to analyse TIMTOWTDI bugs

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. For all I know, there may be a better-known term for it.
The only idea I have towards supporting both the application developer and the Mozilla developer is for the application developer to include debug-only UI controls for changing execution paths on the fly within their own application.
I’d appreciate some feedback on this, including your experiences with this class of bugs, editorializing, suggestions on tracking such bugs down, etc.

Saving text from a web browser

When I write weblog entries, I often find myself thinking, “I’d really like to write some markup where the user can just click a button and save what I’ve written. Uploading files to my weblog is a pain.”

Not any longer! Courtesy of the data: protocol, it is now fairly easy to write a fragment of HTML markup and use this script to quickly convert text in a webpage to a format Mozilla can save to your hard drive!

<form action="javascript:void()">
<textarea rows="10" cols="80" id="saveAs" readonly="readonly">
<!-- Use whatever id you want, and stick the contents you want the user to save in here. -->
<button onclick="saveAsFile('saveAs', 'application/octet-stream')" type="button">Save File</button>

The second argument is optional; it simply specifies a content-type for the textarea’s contents. If you omit it, the script assumes “application/octet-stream”, which is commonly used for downloads.

The only downside to this script is it doesn’t specify the filename through the data: protocol. That’s not allowed in the protocol, so the user has to manually specify the filename. Hence why I included the filename in the legend element.

Here’s the script, ready for you to save per the instructions.


Do not click this button if you are running Mozilla Firefox version 0.10.0 (PR 1) or earlier! You must be running version 0.10.1 or later if you are using Mozilla Firefox. Failure to heed this warning will result in the deletion of files on your hard drive! Mozilla Application Suite is safe to use with any 1.x version

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. See bug 259708 for details.


Bitrot happens (even with code that still works!)

This is mainly about my BigDecimal implementation in JavaScript.
One of the things I found out while writing that script is that multiplication provided correct values only when the number of digits in each part was no greater than 7. 7 digits * 7 digits = 14 digits, perfectly. 8 digits * 8 digits = problems. (With sixteen digits in a number value, you get funny results.)
So, I specifically coded BigDecimal not to store any final results in sections more than 7 digits. The gist of the mathematical operation was:

for (a = 0; a < this.digitArray.length; a++) {
for (b = 0; b < rightSide.digitArray.length; b++) {
response.digitArray[a + b + offset] += this.digitArray[a] * rightSide.digitArray[b]

Well, in revisiting the concept, I realized this afternoon that I didn't have to be quite that tight. If you have:
p = a + b, where a = n * 10^7 and b = some other n (< 10^7) and also q = c + d, where c and d have corresponding values, then: p * q = (a + b) * (c + d) Breaking this down, it becomes: p * q = (n_a * n_c) * 10^14 + ((n_a * n_d) + (n_b * n_c)) * 10^7 + (n_b * n_d) (n_a * n_c) simply gets shifted one section to the left, so we don't have to worry about that. What should I do with the other three values, which could easily total over 10^14 anyway? Well, there's no need to directly set a section's value, is there? Why not have a special function handle that, and when it detects a condition that would lead to an out-of-bounds value, handle it? That would eliminate the need for after-the-fact carrying operations

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for (a = 0; a < this.digitArray.length; a++) {
for (b = 0; b < rightSide.digitArray.length; b++) {
var this_1stHalf = Math.floor(this.digitArray[a] / 10000000);
var this_2ndHalf = this.digitArray[a] % 10000000;
var right_1stHalf = Math.floor(rightSide.digitArray[a] / 10000000);
var right_2ndHalf = rightSide.digitArray[a] % 10000000;
// addValue does our carry operations
response.addValue(a + b + offset - 1, this_1stHalf * right_1stHalf);
response.addValue(a + b + offset, this_1stHalf * right_2ndHalf * 10000000);
response.addValue(a + b + offset, this_2ndHalf * right_1stHalf * 10000000);
response.addValue(a + b + offset, this_2ndHalf * right_2ndHalf);

With that done, I could safely double the length of digits back up to 14, and thus double the number of digits the script could handle.
As an afterthought: with the integral types D provides, I don't have to do Math.floor() operations.
Oh, and that bitrot happens bit in the title? Well, I took one look at the coding style of the BigDecimal.js script as I posted it, and I could only stare in amazed horror. It works, but there's no way I'd write it that way now...