Building JSLib: piece of cake (MinGW)

(1) for getting source code
(2) set MOZ_DIST=(path_to_mozilla_build)/dist/bin
(3) cd jslib
(4) sh configure
(5) make

That’s it. If you’ve built Mozilla, you can build JSLib.
Interestingly, the build process doesn’t install JSLib into Mozilla. I think that’s generally wise, but I can see some people expecting it automatically installing in chrome.
It’s the easiest build I’ve ever done of anything. Now, if I can get some decent tests for the various modules of JSLib, I can start putting together a “stable” JSLib. jslib/tests seems to have only a few tests of the io module…
Would anyone care to write some? I’ll be more than happy to provide a basic test harness, including code that can expect exceptions. So, if you want to write a test that you know should throw a particular exception, go for it. (Just please don’t use Venkman at the same time.)
If I do get a stable JSLib, I’ll offer it to MozDevGroup

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. If they post it, great. If not, I’ll offer it here.

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