Think about what you do and to who you do it.

Think, for a moment, about the kind of man you throw out of office.   We’re talking about a revolutionary here.  A man who changed the way we live and work entirely.  A man who did everything he could to promote independence, writing missives that people listened to.

Yes, he had his faults.  What man doesn’t?  But he was a leader before he was the top dog, and he did very well as a leader.  He has laid his thumbprint on history with his works.  He put his heart and soul, and his reputation, on the line, day in and day out.

You might think I’m writing the above about Brendan Eich, and I am.  But consider this:  the same could be said for the third President of the United States of America.

Congratulations.  By the same rational thinking, we the people just threw Thomas Jefferson out of office because he once owned slaves.

4 thoughts on “Think about what you do and to who you do it.”

  1. Eich did not own any slave, he just committed the horrible crime of thinking as a free citizen in a democracy. This is known as “though crime” in Oceania, by the sacred principles of the IngSoc.

  2. If Thomas Jefferson was president today, and he donated money to prevent slaves from gaining rights, it would be pretty reasonable to throw him out of office.

  3. javascript make my life better. it hurts when mozillians throw out the man who has big deep passionate, contribution to javascript

    mozillians lose their self, they hurt many developers feeling

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