Dud Lite Presents: Real Men of Genius

Today we salute you, Mr. California State Governor!
(Mr. California State Governor!)
Only you could blame a Legislature for a budget problem you created.
(Budget problem you created)
Forty billion dollar state deficit? Who cares. You’ve got the power.
(Lotta power!)
And you’re gonna fight to keep the power.
(Fighting for the Lights)
So flip that reading lamp switch, Mr. Bear State Chief,
and raise a toast to your own recall election.
(Mr. California State Gooooooovernorrrrr)
Dud Lite Productions, Vallejo, California
A little lesson on California Recent History:
Gray Davis, the Honorable Governor of Califonria, faces a recall election. It’s a special election (the first special election in California history) with some rather ugly political maneuvering guaranteed ahead.
A couple years ago, California faced an energy crisis. The electricity rates Pacific Gas & Electric was charged by the power utilities skyrocketed, and PG&E was forbidden or unable to feasibly pass those rates on to the consumers. PG&E went bankrupt, and Gov. Davis started using state money to buy power for the state, on the electricity “spot market”, where prices could go even higher.
Of course, that money wasn’t in the state budget…
But not all the blame can be laid at the governor’s feet

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. Before that, the CA State Legislature deregulated the electricity industry, allowing the utilities to fleece CA in the first place and force PG&E into the hole.
Recall Grey Davis? Why not? And while we’re at it, let’s recall every member of the California State Legislature who voted for the deregulation and is still in office. Oh, and let’s thank President George Bush for not lifting a finger in the process.
Recession 2.0? I think so. The first one was taken off the shelves after only nine months…

2 thoughts on “Dud Lite Presents: Real Men of Genius”

  1. Alex’s dad here – much as I might dislike Gray
    the real fault on the power debacle – which affected the entire nation, was the total fault of the Californicate Legislature.
    Duane Vincent

  2. You can’t really say blame for the power debacle rests solely on the Legislature. Sure – the Legislature set up a system where the state could get screwed, but you still needed someone* to actually do the screwing**.
    * = Enron, El Paso Electric, Dynergy et al
    ** = widespread market manipulations

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