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http:serverpost 0.6

Based on my work earlier this year.
The concept is simple, yet highly flexible. I could use some help in figuring out what’s required to make it better. The specification I wrote needs work, in particular, and some very careful reviews. I’m calling it 0.6, because although it’s very, very stable, I want to leave room for improvement.
If you’re going to use it, you’ll need the following attribute:
The element can then be referred to as <http:serverpost/>, and fields you designate for the serverpost element have a http:serverpostnames attribute.
I’ve already filed two bugs against http:serverpost, and there’s plenty of room for more. Bug fixers, QA, testers and enthusiasts wanted!!!
(Yes, I know I promised it in twelve hours. It took just under twenty-four. I had other things that came up…)

Coming soon:

Ever wanted to have XUL user-interfaces submitting field values like an HTML form? Fear not; I figured out how to do it (and blogged about it earlier this year). So, I’ll be launching an official mozdev project for it, complete with XPI. Very likely, you’ll see it within twelve hours.
Bug reports, testcases, and suggestions for the specification are most definitely welcome!