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Quick test followup 2: An editorial

I am well and truly overwhelmed by the responses I received. 35 in about 24 hours. I think we can all learn a little about community efforts from this example.
I gave a very simple, harmless test, without explaining why. Community response was huge. This is the essence of quality assurance work.
I went wading through a list of mail/news bugs today. The sheer number of bugs there which are not properly triaged is staggering: over five thousand from a simple search (excluding any summary searches). I’d bet 60% or more are UNCO. The mail/news developers simply cannot use Bugzilla under those circumstances. I know, because one of them said so to me earlier today

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We’re coming up on a tree closure soon. I think it’s the perfect time for a Mozilla Development Stand Down, to help out with QA & triage.
I’m serious: we need to schedule such an event. A time when we just take a breather from active dev work, and contribute an all-out effort to getting our affairs in order. One to three work days (excluding weekends) where triage is the priority. The hard-core hackers of our community, who know the codebase well, would be available to answer questions.
I know a fair number of those hackers will not heed my request. Certainly none should who are working on the Gecko 1.8 release! But if we really take even one full day for bug triage exclusively, I’m sure our developer community will appreciate it immensely. It will help them get a clear picture on the bugs that drive most of us crazy.
What if there’s not enough time for a Stand Down during the freeze? That’s always a distinct possibility. I would suggest someone write a community petition to’s drivers for a Stand Down in that event.
Yes, it’s a big leap from a simple test to a massive QA effort. But consider: Mozilla development has continued uninterrupted for about seven years now. Some of the problems, including QA and documentation, have grown so large that many of us feel we can’t do anything about them. That attitude has to stop. It will only stop if large numbers of people unite to make it stop. We can do this. We just need to pick times and goals, and strongly suggest to the community as a whole that we do this.
Thank you for your time.
P.S. I decided to close the comments on the original thread because my goal had been accomplished, and I didn’t want more comment spam to approve one-by-one. 🙂

Being Geek is Okay, but don’t push it too far

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A quick hint to beat the heat

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Instant, and very cheap, air conditioning

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Doing God’s work — but only if you’re not Catholic
Gee, thanks. Glad I could not be of service

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UPDATE: Oh, now I can!

The bigger they are…

(No, this has nothing to do with Mozilla.)
I just got back from the doctor’s office for a routine checkup, the first I’ve had in seven years. I thought I was doing okay, and the doctor agreed. I’m doing “okay”.
Unfortunately, I’m not doing “great”, and that “mid-twenties growth spurt” I talked about a few months ago and honestly believed was happening… isn’t. I’m still about 5 ft 9.
In short, I am a bit overweight, and the doctor is advising me to lose 20-30 lbs, about 3-4 lbs a month

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Aside from that and some high blood pressure, I’m doing well. But I am distinctly humbled.
But that’s not going to stop me from making my life better. I’m not doomed, and I intend to get myself back where I belong. I may be humbled, but I’m also determined.
I know the doctor’s requests are not unreasonable, that these are easily attainable goals. So I’m going to do it. I may have been lying to a lot of people (most especially myself) about my physical condition, but that ends now.

So: Netscape 8 breaks IE’s XML

Hm. It’s interesting that Netscape breaks something that’s already pretty broken to begin with..

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XML data islands, anyone?
(Don’t take this entry seriously.)

Let’s not rake Gerv over the coals

You know, there are times I disagree with Gerv’s opinion on the technical details of religion. There was even a point where he took me to task for a blog posting I made last year.
But I will say this in Gerv’s defense

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No one can accurately call him unaware.
Oh, we could debate scripture until we’re blue in the face. The devil can quote scripture, and so can we.
I, for one, am not going to go toe-to-toe with Gervase Markham over what the Bible says. I can tell you, I see a lot of assumptions — both from Gerv and from those who would attack his statements.
As for the Pope himself:
John Paul II was a brother, at least in spirit, to much of the world. That is truly why this is painful for many of us, because we have in effect lost a brother, a counselor, and a good friend. Someone who can chide us and say, “You’re not supposed to be doing that,” and whom we listen to.
To put it in less intimate terms, he was the head of a large institution. In that, he is comparable to Queen Elizabeth II. It will be a sad day for many people around the world when the Queen dies. (Yes, I am fully aware Gervase Markham is a subject of the Queen, I believe British. I’m not attacking him on this, I’m just drawing a comparison between two great people who have led for decades. Nor am I referring specifically to replacements for either the Pope or the Queen.)
Yes, I was praying with regards to the late Pope. I made my comment to Gerv in his blog.
All I can say to those who would attack Gervase Markham is this:
“Peace be with you.”
(The last line is copyright 1st Century, Anno Domini, I believe.)

From the strange-but-true department

I just turned 27 on Dec. 21. Apparently, in the past year, I’ve started growing again.
Ever since I was 18, I remember being 5 ft 9.5 in tall. (That’s 176.5 cm for those on the metric system.) I was always a little shorter than Dad, who is 5 ft 11. One of my younger brothers ended up 6 ft 4, and the other 6 ft 1. (Give or take an inch for both of them. I don’t really remember.)
This past July, I went up to Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR for the Open Source Convention 2004. I was startled to realize I was eye-level with Dad.
Then, at Thanksgiving, another friend of mine who I remember being eye-level with is suddenly shorter than me.
Finally, I met my parents at the airport on Dec. 13 (which in itself is a funny story), and I’m clearly at least a half inch taller than Dad.
Now, since I haven’t been to a doctor in several years, I decided to see if there was any context for this. Google wasn’t entirely helpful — I didn’t see any meaningful results until I typed in “mid-twenties growth spurt”. Apparently, it isn’t all that common, but it isn’t quite unheard of either.
It’s also something Dad says runs in his side of the family.
The last few days, it feels like everything in my room is a little lower again. So I might definitely be brushing six feet (182.9 cm).
Overall, I’m not complaining, since I’m still fairly lean (190 lbs, give or take five, and wearing the same size pants I’ve worn for years). I can’t explain it though.
Other than to say that I’d better take advantage of this growth while I still can. As a kid, I hated exercising. As an adult, I find it refreshing and something I don’t do quite enough of. So I’m thinking of joining a gym club when I have a little money stashed away

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Can anyone find other references on this?

Firefox is 1.0, Thunderbird is 1.0… next?

There are a few Mozilla-based products I know of which I have a great interest in, and I personally would like to see a deeper interest from the Mozilla community in 2005. They are:

  • N|Vu

    Disruptive Innovations has made some good progress along these lines, I think. Their spinoff of Mozilla Composer should reach version 0.7 next week, per a brief comment by Daniel Glazman. Personally, I await the day that N|Vu supports the tools does (lxr for the public most especially) and/or starts checking their code into the Mozilla tree… so I can rip it to shreds and start offering bug patches for issues that irritate me. (In an earlier weblog, Mr. Glazman implied N|Vu 0.7 would potentially be stable enough for the community-at-large to work on, or localize, or something like that. I hope he still thinks so.)

  • An XML editor

    Something else Disruptive Innovations is apparently working on, but hasn’t made any releases on

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    . I remember this from a weblog comment Mr. Glazman made, and I am waiting fervently to sink my teeth into whatever he’s putting together. (I’ve been of the opinion for a little while now that XML editing in Mozilla is a Holy Grail type of application.)

  • Mozilla Sunbird / Calendar

    I haven’t followed this one that closely, but from seeing the 0.2-ish releases, I can tell this will be a “mosaic killer app” (pun intended) for the future. I briefly evaluated it for a previous employer, and concluded that at the time it wasn’t capable of handling the important application of group calendaring. This one is hosted and sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, and I would strongly encourage everyone who’s looking for the next big thing to hack to go after it.

Although I wanted to plug products I am personally involved in, such as my own abacus and serverpost projects and DOM Inspector, I felt that would not be fair. These projects have at best minimal involvement from the community, and they truly are developer applications not meant for the end-user. Abacus might reach that end-user-targeting someday; the others never will. Abacus and N|Vu combined would be really slick, but I can’t quite get them to work together and I haven’t spent the time to figure out why.

“Oh, for the love of…”

Gervase Markham responded well to yesterday’s blog.
Unfortunately, he took my original statement way out of proportion… <grin size=”huge”/>
I was simply (1) acknowledging his own respect and love for our Lord, and (2) reflecting very briefly on one of the issues I had in the U.S. Navy.
On that latter bit, let me set the record straight: the Navy’s personnel are not always paragons of virtue, by any means. Being a devout Christian in the military is not easy. Honestly, after nearly two years in the service, and a year of that onboard a ship which had a distinguished record of service (we earned the Battle E the previous year), I was starting to feel my own morality slipping away, the core of my behaviors and ethics starting to crack. You have to bear in mind that when you are in the Navy as an enlisted person, you are literally living with 20+ guys in the same berthing, guys who will throw all sorts of peer pressure and other adolescent behavior at you all day long.
Missing the Mass, while important to me personally, is nothing compared to starting to think that some of what these people do on a regular basis is okay

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. That way, for any Christian who is truly dedicated to God, lies madness. A madness of a sort that I will be happy to explain to Gerv or anyone else by private e-mail, but not in a public forum.
It is a madness which continues to trouble me to this day. A very personal madness, and quite literally another miracle that I am still alive to talk about it or anything else.