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Abacus Template Editor is now “dogfood”

I’m a little surprised by how much JS code it took to handle editing XML files directly in a specific manner. But I can now claim that my template editor for the Abacus project is now at a point where I don’t need to edit the files with a text editor.
This means that one-third of the Abacus MathML editor project is stable (if not quite complete)

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. The next part, the actual MathML editor, I don’t anticipate a lot of problems with. Though when it comes to reading in a MathML fragment that’s already there and not Abacus-compliant yet, I may have some trouble. I haven’t figured out yet how to take in a MathML fragment that’s all presentation markup or all content markup yet, and sooner or later I’ll have to…
I really wish I could release an 0.1 of Abacus based on what I have right now, but without a working MathML editor to demonstrate just what I’m doing, it would be counterproductive in the extreme.

Peanuts, popcorn, namespaces!

Another bright idea I had.
For most XML documents, one or two namespaces is enough. XUL applications often require three or four (XUL, XBL, RDF, XHTML on occasion). For Abacus, I had enough namespaces where a common DTD actually made a little bit of sense…
The best part about it is I also have a script in there which I can include by &namespaces.script; entity

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Abacus Progress 06-06-2004

The template editor is nearly done! I finally took the time for the editor to save its own templates. So now, things are looking very sharp indeed.
Just as a quick sample, I’m including current XML and DTD files for how Abacus template files should look. (This is not frozen, however! Depending on my experience in editing, these files may change.)
templates.dtd — templates XML language
summary.xml — pseudo-documentation of how things should be organized in a templates file
A sample template file under construction
A base templates file (wrappers for each language)
Yes, I know they have Windows newline characters in them (\r\n). They will go away

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