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Abacus MathML Editor 0.1

Download file as ZIP archive
Download file as tar.gz archive
Installation instructions (if these don’t work, let me know what needs to be done):
* Requires Mozilla 1.7, Mozilla Firefox (untested!) 0.9, Nvu 0.3 (untested!)
* Requires JSLib installed from
* Edit /chrome/installed-chrome.txt to include the following lines:
* Unzip the file into your chrome directory. This should create an abacus directory in your chrome.
* Shut down Mozilla or your application entirely.
* Delete /chrome/chrome.rdf and /chrome/overlayinfo .
* Restart Mozilla, open Composer Application
* If everything worked, there should be a MathML button to the right of the spell check button.
If you’re in Mozilla Firefox, the only URL you will be able to use right away is chrome://abacus/content/templates/editor.xul . (This is a MathML Template Editor.)
If you’re in Nvu 0.3, you should be able to work with it right away.
Documentation is forthcoming.
XPI Request: I’ve not had the chance to take this code and make a cross-platform installer for Mozilla

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. If you are willing to contribute one, PLEASE have the XPI output flat-file chrome! Because of the MathML Template Editor requirements, an abacus.jar file is unacceptable at this time.
I am not quite launching yet; it took a little too long to prepare my code for release. So, the mozdev group will not be happy with me in a few days… Also, if there is something seriously horked with the installation (I doubt it), I will silently replace the code and post a notice here.
O’Reilly & Associates is hosting the slideshow I used at the Open Source Convention 2004. It’s an OpenOffice document.

Validating against a possible security hole

You wouldn’t think Abacus could introduce a potential security concern, but…
At one point in my pre-release software, I mandated that a mEdit:execute attribute’s value would conditionally run through an eval() statement. I tried to restrict the possible activities by making sure the statement to be run (the value was split by semicolons) contained a particular string of code representing a value:
<foo mEdit:execute=”mEdit:loopVariable(‘x’) += 2;”/>
Unfortunately, that wasn’t in my opinion good enough:
<foo mEdit:execute=”alert(hiddenVar) //mEdit:loopVariable(‘x’);”/>
It bothered me. I wanted really to only allow expressions of the first type, not the second. So, after a little thinking, I came up with this:

function test(untrusted) {
var re=/x\s*[\+\-\*\/\%]?=\s*\d*/;
// For now we are deliberately forcing the first character to be x.
// This illustrates for the example how closely we are watching the expression.
var matches = untrusted.match(re);
if ((!matches)||(matches.length != 1)) {
return false;
var match = matches[0];
if (match != untrusted) {
return false;
return true; // this means we would execute the code

The “x” variable in the regular expression will have something else there instead. I just used it to simplify my testcase.
Thanks to Justin Wood for consultation on #mozilla when I was trying to figure this out

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“Not Quite” Abacus 0.1

Abacus 0.1 Preview
There is still some work that needs to be done to this code to make it an 0.1 release. I have not yet gotten it to work in Mozilla Composer (more on that in a moment), and one of the more important features, adding a new annotation-xml with encoding and xml:lang attributes, is not developed fully yet.
Of course, there are some other issues, notably localization and MPL’ing the whole thing; my entire source code at this point is available upon request under the MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1, even if it doesn’t explicitly say so. I do not anticipate writing any Abacus code that is not offered under this scheme at the present time.
I’ll be writing documentation for the 0.1 release as well; I’m scrambling to release Abacus 0.1 for the Open Source Convention (which starts Monday, so…)
On Mozilla Composer: it’s going to be easy once I figure out how to write a Range.prototype.replaceContents() function. Seems the DOM-2 specification missed that… I need something like this in order to correctly replace a selection in the document being edited (which is rather important, in order to give Composer the same feel in replacing text and hypertext being edited as it has now).
Also, Nvu developers (Daniel Glazman, I hope you’re reading this!) should probably take note of the way I apply stylesheets in the overlays. That is how the Document Object Model says they should be applied, and with DOM-2 Events, I can control very precisely when they apply and when they don’t. When the user calls on a “save” or “save as” command, DOM-2 Events will let me remove the stylesheets before that command executes

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. This is very important, particularly for Composer extensions such as Abacus.
I have some strong opinions about Mozilla Composer; there are some aspects of the design I decidedly do not like, for the simple reason that to extend the current design in any significant way, you have to do your homework. Overlays like mine have a very tough time of following Composer’s rules. I’d love to have a shot at stating some design goals for a new set of rules…
Of course, I’d also love for someone to ask me to work for them at OSCON… 🙂
(In case you’re wondering why I would release a set of files prematurely, there’s two reasons. One, I need a backup set just in case all hell breaks loose between here and OSCON. Two, it’s about time I showed something to Mozilla enthusiasts everywhere for analysis and tinkering. It’s open-source for a reason!)

OSCON or bust

Once again, a quick reminder that the Open Source Convention from July 26-30 in Portland, Oregon will feature several speakers, including me and my session on the Abacus MathML Editor project. With luck (probably without it, too, come to think of it), I’ll be releasing an Abacus 0.1 and launching the official website before the convention

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My speaking session is on Thursday.

Abacus Screenshots

Initial Conditions
Choosing a MathML template
Ready to apply a template
Multiple arguments
The MathML expression after applying the template
Moving the selection up to a sub-expression (useful for replacing larger parts at once)
You may not see the content MathML, but I assure you it is there..

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. 🙂

Now I know why it’s called “ah_crap_handler”…

I’ve just found a crasher bug in Mozilla 1.7 RC1. It’s bad enough to block what I had called a required feature for Abacus 0.1.
It is the worst kind of crash I can imagine:
* A single untested line of JS makes a DOM call to insert a node.
* That single line executes several XBL bindings (<constructor/>).
* These bindings have been repeatedly tested and work perfectly.
* A run through the JavaScript Debugger shows that these lines do not cause the crash.
* Immediately after all these tested lines run, JSD returns to this one untested line… and THEN Mozilla crashes.
In other words, though it’s definitely 100% reproducible, a “minimal testcase” from this code is virtually impossible. Just to run the current testcase, you have to have Abacus installed… and of course, I’m the only one in the entire world who has Abacus installed. Under these circumstances, filing a bug at Bugzilla is a waste of time, more so because I cannot connect to the Internet from my home computer, where Abacus is being built

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. So I can’t even use Talkback to give a stack trace to
What was this blocked feature?
Well, one goal of Abacus is to allow you to create new MathML semantics “branches” (I don’t know what else to call them), which (aside from the first branch) are children of annotation-xml elements that the reader can choose from. The first branch is the content MathML encoding (which is never rendered), and the others are XML-based annotations (for instance, a MathML-Presentation annotation in the en-US language).
To create them, Abacus has to have some idea of how the already-existing branches could be created using Abacus. So I’ve spent a couple weeks figuring out just how the user can teach Abacus to do that. (The assumption is that Abacus could be used to edit MathML generated by another application.)
One key portion of this special user-interface just went thermonuclear.
Needless to say, I am not happy.

Breaking stuff to fix stuff

I’m glad I haven’t released an 0.1 of Abacus yet. Because I had to go back and damage what I’ve already got in order to get another feature working.
To explain: I’m working on figuring out a mechanism for creating a detailed presentation “branch” (as opposed to simple ones you create in the Template Editor), based on a content MathML “branch” of the semantics element. The first step is of course to figure out which content MathML templates from the template editor could be used to recreate the current MathML fragment. (In English, that means figuring out how the user wrote it before.) From there, I can then directly translate to the appropriate templates in presentation MathML, XHTML, what-have-you.
I think I solved the first half of it, the search portion. The only complication I see on the second half is from the fact that I permit and recommend a “fitb-set” element frequently. It’s basically a for-loop in XML, so I need to code for that appropriately

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It’s a little hard to sleep at night…

… when you finish basic testing of a feature that lets your pet project write good markup, and then turn around and read the markup back in.
I know I’m good, but I can’t help thinking that there was some serious divine intervention in making it work so quickly. Gervase Markham isn’t the only one hacking for the good Lord. 😎
I contemplated putting in an easter egg about that sort of thing, but I will probably not include it. Given that I intend this project to eventually be used in public education, and this country’s First Amendment guarantees, it would mean a scandal when schools figured out the easter egg

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Incidentally, this happens to be the 75th entry in my weblog (not that it matters).

“Reading Klingon, that’s hard…”

Over the weekend, I wrote out code for exporting MathML content from the Abacus MathML Editor into the application that calls on it. It was remarkably painless.
Just as important, though, is figuring out how to import MathML content from the caller app into the editor.
That has so far meant two days of straight JavaScript code writing, and will probably take another day of testing and debugging to get it right (hence the title of this entry).
Already for the 0.1 release, I’m forced to make some sacrifices which probably will not endear me to those who want a MathML editor in Mozilla.
For one, I’m currently working on making sure Abacus can read what it writes. This is one aspect of “dogfood” as I see it. (Remember, Abacus is oriented towards content MathML, with presentation MathML as annotations.) Once that’s done, I will work on making it read MathML markup which is exclusively content MathML.
Yes, that means presentation MathML gets left in the dust.
It’s too bad, really. Amaya (which as I’ve said before was a big inspiration for Abacus) only supports presentation MathML. But the problem for Abacus lies in the fact that presentation MathML does not convey exact definitions. That’s why we have content MathML. Trying to deduce content MathML from presentation MathML is as bad as trying to deduce what the browser should do from a “tag soup” of non-standard HTML. It’s a classic apples and oranges situation.
This breakage — the emphasis on content MathML at the expense of not supporting pure presentation MathML — is a very undesirable side effect. How many MathML editors output presentation MathML only? How many of them output content MathML as well?
I’m trying to figure out how to create a UI that will let the user guide the MathML Editor through the process, given the templates that Abacus makes available. But for the moment, I’m completely stumped.
By the way, a lot of code can be written in two days..

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. for this one feature, preparing a MathML fragment for Abacus, I’m already up to at least 600 lines of pure JavaScript…

The MathML Editor is 1/2 done

Specifically, the key feature, overlaying one MathML template onto another, works perfectly

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I’m working on some other features for the editor, some of which are pretty important (being able to import a MathML <math> element that Abacus didn’t create, for one big example). But all in all, what I’ve got now looks pretty slick, I have to say…
By the way, I’m looking for ideas on bug 247849.