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Adding features to XUL widgets through children

In the preceding article, I demonstrated adding a SVG graphic to a <xul:menuitem/>. This is one case where I saw a quick & easy way to bend the rules of XUL. Menu items typically don’t have children, so giving it a <svg:svg/> child somewhat made sense.

XUL Widgets uses a similar trick for <xul:textbox/>. In this one, the textbox gets menuitems, menuseparators, and menus which should be added to the standard textbox’s context menus, before the first item in the context menu. Admittedly, this is not as clear-cut as the SVG example, but it does have one benefit: it doesn’t break existing textbox functionality. (I blogged about this previously.)

I made a mistake several years ago in filing bug 180512. That was my earlier attempt to add items to a textbox’s context menu – by replacing the context menu. The problem is that change broke Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete in any non-default context menu

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. It should never have been done. (I since filed bug 312869 to fix this botch.)

These are to date the only reasons I’ve had to define new behaviors for children of XUL widgets. The two are different enough that the behaviors for these specific cases can be clearly defined and have a clear benefit.

If you have other ideas, I’ll definitely consider them.

XUL + SVG: A quick demo

SVG icon in a XUL menu item

For a while I’ve been thinking about a desire to add SVG graphics to XUL Widgets. You might wonder why anyone would want to do that

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. My answer: SVG, like XUL, is XML markup. Verbosio will be able to edit XML. So it’ll be able to edit SVG and XUL. Why not?

One drawback: the SVG is included inline in the document, not as an external file. This is somewhat unavoidable, and violates the niceties of multiple skins in a XUL package. (XUL skins can’t have .xul files in them, and this has to be inline or inserted via overlay.) So I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this.

XUL Widgets, version 0.1.2

Lots of changes checked in today:

  • New <xul:slicedstack/> element. It’s a stack, with anything up to its selectedIndex visible, and everything after it hidden.
  • Wizards can have their next/finish buttons disabled by the current page’s content elements having invalid=”true”. This matches behavior I added for XUL Widgets dialogs.
  • Bug fixes for control deck, integer control
  • Mozilla assertion (and probable leaks) in dialogbox widget fixed
  • Serverpost now partially supports XML Base
  • Serverpost now supports a time limit for HTTP POST messages, defaulting to 60,000 milliseconds.
  • New tests added for all the above new features
  • New XPI’s checked in reflecting these changes. They should be available within 24 hours.

I’ve not finished the manual yet

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XUL Widgets Project home page

XUL Widgets gets some extensions

Following up on a previous blog entry about extending current toolkit widgets, I have just landed a good amount of new code to XUL Widgets.

Many thanks to prefiks (give me your real name & e-mail, so I can thank you properly!) for the idea of using regular expressions on textboxes. That’s one of the improvements obvious enough that I had to include it.

Dialogs (with xulwidgets=”true”) now check for invalid=”true” attributes, as does serverpost. However, in case an invalid XUL element is hiding in an invisible xul:deck panel, I created a xul:deck extension that vetoes any hidden invalid elements.

I’ve deprecated and removed menudeck, in favor of a more flexible widget called controldeck. This one lets you use any XUL element that implements selectedIndex as a selector for the deck. You have to make the selector a child element of a <xul:selector/> element, and that in turn becomes a child node of <xul:controldeck/>.

Several new testcases have been added, including a main index page for all testcases within the package. chrome://xulwidgets/content/tests/tests.html

Still to come: the testcases for DOM utilities, preconditions, and user error boxes. Also, the XUL Widgets manual (which I would have gotten done today if I didn’t have so many failures of the testcases initially… but the testcases pass now)

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. The latter I hope to have up tomorrow.

If you try to download the latest XUL Widgets version, and it comes back as 0.0.0, reject it! The latest version number is 0.1.1.

Extending current toolkit widgets

The current set of XUL widgets in the Mozilla toolkit is quite nice. For the most part they are stable, simple, and work well. That isn’t to say I’m not interesting in making them more useful.

I’ve filed a number of enhancements to current widgets. Once in a while, I even get some fixed

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. More often, though, ideas I consider good just aren’t adopted by code. This isn’t to say the code base is bad. More accurately, the case is that I haven’t made a strong enough effort to see these enhancements through, especially in seeking reviews and confirming that actually wants them in their code base.

With that said, one of XUL Widget’s goals is to lower the barrier for creating new functionality for current widgets. Hopefully, these widgets will be useful enough for other developers to bring some of them back to the code base. Whether that will actually happen or not, I don’t know. There’s a pretty solid chance my place of employment, ManyOne Networks, Inc., will be using some of XUL Widgets’ functionality, so it will be supported. (One idea I haven’t yet explored is a tabbrowser with multiple rows of tabs. That ought to be fun to implement. It’s a request from a fellow developer at ManyOne.)

Probably in the next couple of days, I’ll start showcasing these widget improvements through XUL Widgets. They’ll build on current functionality, through a special attribute, xulwidgets=’true’. That way, the original widgets will still be available simply by omitting the attribute (or the XUL Widgets bindings stylesheet). I’ll also move certain common constructs into DTD entities, so they may be reused. My goal is to enhance current features, not to replace them.

XUL Widgets project launched

XUL Widgets home page

As a follow-up to my original post suggesting a XUL widgets project, I finally launched it

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. Right now, it collects most of the widgets I’ve written in a generic format. In the next twenty-four hours, I hope to have a XUL Widgets Manual written for project development and for users.

So if you have a XUL element you’ve created and think others might be able to use, come on in! I would also welcome compentent reviewers to point out obvious mistakes.