Muahaha, spammers

I’ve got bad news for you.
Every comment a visitor (including you) tries to post to my weblog, now I have to personally approve before it lands on the site. So, Mr., GIVE IT UP. You’re never going to see another one of your links on my blog again.
Oh, and if you think you might still get ME to read them? Nope. I use a web-based e-mail service, so I can delete garbage unseen, and more importantly, undownloaded.
For those of you worried about censorship: don’t be. If you have something not nice to say about me, but it’s fair and intelligent, I’ll post it anyway. I’m not doing this to silence anyone other than those who abuse the privilege of this weblog’s open commenting system.

3 thoughts on “Muahaha, spammers”

  1. Should have started pushing mozillazine to install mt-blacklist (it’s now available as an emergency release for mt3).
    It’s a great solution, 1 or 2 slipped by so far since the install.. before it was dozens a day.
    Great product, worth looking into. A lot less work.

  2. Yeah this is good news. I’ve noticed Asa censors a fair few legitamite comments – they’ll be there and when you go back later they are gone.
    I think it’s quite important that anyone associated with mozilla/firefox give their users a voice, rather than silencing them. If the comment is a concern to a user but doesn’t really apply, it should be able to be argued rationally.

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