Odds and ends

(1) I received my new Mozilla shirt in the mail a couple days ago. Fits nicely; I like the style… only one little beef with it.
Couldn’t they have put a pocket on it? 🙂
(2) I’m getting a lot more evil comments on this blog lately. Methinks MovableType will hopefully block out autospamming tools in its next release.
(3) I’m thinking about changing the name of this weblog to “Burning Chrome,” referring to William Gibson’s work. I don’t do too much work on DOM Inspector or documentation… but I do like to develop cutting-edge stuff in Mozilla’s user interface. Or, to put it more artfully, to burn chrome.

4 thoughts on “Odds and ends”

  1. Could file a bug as an enhancement for a pocket.
    But it might be better to post to mozillazine.org’s forum and see if someone will make an extension.
    Mozilla.org is trying to keep the ‘swiss army knife’ as thin as possible. No unnecessary features!

  2. Not quite the right place for this comment Alex but I can’t figure out how to use abacus 0.1.1 in mozilla 1.7.2. I start mozilla and in composer I see the MathML button but then in the abacus GUI I can’t do anything but write the id of the math element being edited. The only button that works is the “Cancel” button.

  3. The website isn’t up yet, so the docs that you’re probably relying on to tell you how to use Abacus aren’t there…
    Do you have two scrollable content areas above the id box? Try scrolling to the bottom of the lower one; there should be a box there. (You should also be able to tab into it.)
    If you can’t do this, give me a screenshot plus anything the JavaScript Console says, and I’ll try to figure out what’s broken.
    P.S. Don’t worry about where you comment on something not working with Abacus. 🙂 I get spamblog entries daily, so something on-topic is actually appreciated…

  4. Arghh. I have forgotten to install jslib in My Mozilla Suite(I only use it to test abacus, otherwise I use Firefox and thunderbird).

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