Abacus MathML Editor 0.1.1

Abacus 0.1.1 XPI
After a little floppy hell (I need a new computer badly), I managed to put this out for your consumption. The documentation and launch of the abacus.mozdev.org site should be underway (assuming pete@mozdev can grab the .tar.gz I put up for him too).
It doesn’t yet work in N|Vu (I don’t know why), and there is a Windows crash bug which this package reveals, but that’s the best I could do.

4 thoughts on “Abacus MathML Editor 0.1.1”

  1. I’m trying to get the XPI, but unlike the XPI files in some other places, this one just lets me save it – and doesn’t prompt me to install it. I am on Firefox 0.9. Is there a way to install from an XPI file, other than just the standard click?
    And as for the Windows crash bug, does this mean I’m not going to get far on Firefox + Windows?

  2. When a site only allows to save the XPI, then just save it to disk. Use File > Open, browse to the saving location and open the file. Now it will be recognized by Firefox as an installation package and you will be asked if you want to install it (as you are already used to).
    Perhaps dragging and dropping to the Tools > Extensions window might also work, but never tried that out.
    BTW, I think this has something to do with the MIME-type the webserver gives to the XPI-file.

  3. Ok, I installed it now. I open it, it goes into the extension manager, then displays “installing”. After the installing has finished it disappears off the extension manager. I restart, and its still not there. It seems like during the install it silently aborts and removes itself – no error messages are given. (Firefox 0.9, WindowsXP)

  4. I hadn’t tested it in Mozilla Firefox, and make no guarantees it’ll work in that. 🙂 Bear in mind it wasn’t intended for Firefox, but more for N|Vu (which it doesn’t seem to work in either… maybe something to do with that next-generation chrome RDF whatchamacallit).
    I tested it on Mozilla App Suite (the whole #!), so that at least should work.

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