Now I know why it’s called “ah_crap_handler”, part two…

A few weeks ago, I griped about a crasher bug involving DOM appending a node, a bunch of XBL bindings being constructed (descendant nodes of the appending node), and JS not being directly responsible. Fortunately, it was a side case that I could do without for Abacus 0.1.
I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have a whole lot of choice.
So, in releasing Abacus 0.1, I managed to foul up the directory structure for the .tar.gz and zip releases (which is why it didn’t work). It was an ancient bug I’d forgotten about and manually hacked to make work. I put together an XPI for Abacus, and decided I’d better rerelease it as Abacus 0.1.1 — acknowledging that I goofed on the 0.1 version.
That XPI is finished, and I’m working on the website for a simultaneous release and documentation of the project.
Except that nagging little crash is back… and this time, it affects me every time I click the “Apply Template” button. Such is a critical piece of the Abacus user-interface, and failure is not (much of) an option here.
Now, here’s the weird part: On my Mandrake Linux 9.1 o.s., it never crashes at the same part in my code. So my attempts to get a stack trace detailing the problem are somewhat useless.
Needless to say, I am even less happy than before.
Abacus 0.1.1 will be released concurrently with the launch of in a few days.