How about a <xul:calendar/> widget?

I’ve been thinking for some time that we should really build some sort of <xul:calendar/> widget in XBL. We’d probably use attributes of the element to change the appearance of the widget (say, one arrangement might be a grid filled with calendar dates, another might be a month-day-year trio of menulists, another would be a day-month-year trio, etc.). A common binding would support the implementation and event handlers; the content bindings would each correspond to a particular view of the element, as determined by attributes

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Does anyone want to start writing one?

5 thoughts on “How about a <xul:calendar/> widget?”

  1. What would be the output?
    Should the view be switchable?
    Additional idea, there should be a xul:time widget to add a time-of-day to a specified xul:calender (specified by ID or so).
    I’m really not too confident that one implementation would work for enough people, though.
    As far as code is concerned, it’s probably you that should just start away and see if the output makes people kick in ;-).

  2. This is definitely a desired feature. WebForms 2.0 needs some date and time pickers implemented. Or are you thinking of something more complex like the Mozilla Calendar has? Either way, writing up a simple spec and posting it on or linking to it from there would be a good idea.

  3. There is already a minicalendar widgit in the calendar code. You could work off that.

  4. Is there an XPCOM component that provides info about week day names, month names, first day of the week and so on? These would be needed for a calender.
    Doing a date/time picker (text input) would require support for localization of the format as well as parsing different locales. Not too trivial to do without access to the underlying OS.

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