Another 100K bug reports… and nobody noticed

Bugzilla bug report #1,100,000

We used to have a little cheering for every 100,000 bug reports filing.  Bugzilla hasn’t keeled over yet!

But somehow, in the aftermath of the megabug, I think we forgot to plan for this one.  Oops!

It looks like it took us about 19 months to get here from the previous one.  I’ll leave it to Gervase Markham to dig up the appropriate statistics.

One thought on “Another 100K bug reports… and nobody noticed”

  1. I didn’t forget; I decided that after a million bugs worth of sweepstakes, the idea needed to take a break for a while. I’ll probably do one for 2 million, but I haven’t decided whether to do any for any of the other intermediate numbers yet.

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