Verbosio progress, June 2, 2012

My prototype XML editor reboot continues!  In putting together my templates editing subproject, I’ve finished building out the basic infrastructure for a partial Document Object Model implementation in JavaScript.  I have a roadmap, and a decent development environment… life is good.  If you’re going to check out the code, you might want to wait until Tuesday… as that’s when Firefox 13 and built-in JavaScript Map() objects become available to the general public.

I’m not going dark.

I wish I’d had a chance to attend the recent Fluent 2012 conference in San Francisco.  I just found out about it too late.  I’m rather curious to see where some of my infrastructure work could be improved with ECMAScript Harmony, or whether I’ve had an idea that Harmony might find useful.  There’s a lot going on in JavaScript these days, and it’s exciting.