Creating Apps: Hmmmm…

With the commencement of my new job last week (okay, it’s OfficeMax, part-time at $7/hr, but it’s something), I decided I could finally afford to buy Ian Oeschger & Co.’s book, “Creating Applications with Mozilla”. I’d read sample pages from several times, but having a book you can hold in your hand is very different from reading the sample pages online.
One thing the book doesn’t cover (probably because it never occured to anyone that it would be necessary) is how to install an XPI from a command-line prompt. This matters because it’s not clear how my poor Nvu 0.2, which wasn’t really designed to browse the web, will install Abacus without hacking installed-chrome.txt (not every Nvu user will want to play with that file). The appropriate web-based installation instructions can be found in Chapter 6, Section 3.

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  1. Since NVU is a toolkit app, it should inherit the extension manager and use that way to install extensions.

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