Whither Amaya?

It’s been over a year since the W3C released a new version of its Amaya prototype XHTML editor.  This is not good.  I’d go so far as to call it ++ungood.  With apologies to Daniel Glazman and the many people who’ve worked on Composer-based tools, I’ve long preferred and used Amaya when it comes to writing HTML these days.  It’s had support for MathML and SVG forever, and its UI provides a lot of power without being in the way.  Oh, and it works on Windows, Linux and Macintosh… kind of like another code base I also love…

I realize Mozilla’s probably in no position to fund Amaya development, and I don’t believe they should.  I’m posting this to call attention to this project I find extremely useful, and inspirational (for Verbosio, my XML editor project).  Maybe someone out there among the W3C members or the global software community can help out a bit.

3 thoughts on “Whither Amaya?”

  1. Code-wise, the first step is probably to fork their CVS repo into a modern DVCS. After that someone could replace the renderer with WebKit and update the editor with support for HTML5.

    It would be ideal if the W3C was a mentoring organization for GSOC next year and I was one of its students, working on Amaya, but I’m not certain who to talk to in order to accomplish that. Suggestions?

    Side note: The apostrophes on your blog (e.g. “Mozilla’s”) have large gaps after them in Windows 7, apparently due to “Microsoft YaHei” being designed for displaying Chinese and not English; could you change the font to something else?

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