From the “Wha’ Happah'” Department

resource:///res/mathml.css , which I got used to using for XUL apps playing with MathML, wasn’t in my Mozilla 1.7RC1 installed build. Bug 244384 @ b.m.o

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However, because I could be wrong on the correct reference of the MathML stylesheet, I’ve filed the bug as “UNCONFIRMED”.
On another note, I’ve been wondering just where to put a post-editing stylesheet for the Abacus MathML editor. After all, documents which have been edited through Abacus should not require Abacus be installed to read them…

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  1. Well, for the record I was wrong about the URL. It’s been changed to resource://gre/res/mathml.css .
    Inline stylesheets are frowned upon for HTML documents (the <style> element is deprecated), and effectively forbidden in XML documents. The exception is if you include a namespaced <html:style/> element, and that’s even more frowned upon.

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