Abacus: Fell off, getting back on

It’s been about six weeks since the Dev Day, and I’m looking at myself wondering what happened to my little MathML editor in XUL project. Oh, I’ve been working on it semi-regularly, but not as much as I’d like to. Other things have taken a priority.
Today, I went looking in my e-mail archives, and I was a little disturbed to see that one of the most important contacts — someone I’d spoken to over the phone — was no longer in my e-mail archives

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. Considering this gentleman’s company was prepared to offer me a contract to finish my editor, I’m feeling really dumb right now.
If you’re still out there, whoever you are, please send me an e-mail, quick! I’m still interested, and I’m getting myself back on the ball.
(The hiatus was caused primarily by trying to figure out how to load and/or save a file… I finally caved in and installed JSLib. A little tinkering and it looks like I’m in business.)