Make: It isn’t just for files

This weekend, I took a special break and headed over to the Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Event Center. In some ways, it was both entertaining and shocking (in a good way).

Highlights for me:

  • Meeting David Brin and getting his autograph on “Foundation’s Triumph”
  • Mike Rowe and Adam Savage taking questions (that they’ve probably answered a couple hundred times already)
  • Another musical artist, with the “Slaperoo” (warning: site plays sound right away on load)
  • The incredible amount and quality of stuff being built by hobbyists these days
  • A little story about who exactly made the Apollo space suits (it’s not who you might think!). (The site is down right now.)
  • Eepybird. Nuff said, except that they’ve switched to Coke Zero.
  • The large variety of very cool tee-shirts. I’ll be ordering another one very soon, based on a card I picked up earlier today.

About the only thing missing is an appearance by the Blue Man Group, in my opinion. They would’ve found some neat instruments to add to their collection. Oh, yeah, they’re coming to San Francisco, starting Tuesday. 🙂 I’d love to have some fellow Mozillians join me for that one. Anyone interested, we’ll do a get-together and buy some group tickets.