What if we held an Add-On Con at OSCON?

Recently a few of my coworkers visited the Add-On Conference in Mountain View, CA. (I elected to stay behind, and with our schedule it worked out nicely for everyone.) As most people reading Planet Mozilla are aware, it’s an annual event in December, talking about extensions for web browsers.

The Open Source Convention just put out another call for speakers for their July 2011 gathering in Portland, OR. OSCON actually hosts several smaller annual tech conferences as well at the same time. There’s a Python track, a PHP track, a Perl track (they must be planning to write Duke Nukem in Perl 6), etc. There’s even been, from years past, a small Mozilla presence there.

What if we made AOC a twice-annual event, once in Mountain View in December, and once at OSCON in July? I know it’s hard to prep for a conference, that it takes a lot of work to plan a speaking session. I’m just throwing the idea out to see who bites – particularly among those who spoke at AOC this year. On the plus side, if you’ve ever seen Damian Conway speak on Perl… well, it’s a treat.

At least then, a few of us could show up clean-shaven. :-)}}