Misusing “the cloud”

I’m sure everybody by now has seen Microsoft’s “To The Cloud” advertisement. I have just two things to say.

Do you really need a whole cloud computing set-up to edit a photo through cut and paste? And if you do, just what do you have on that computer?

If it was editing a video, I might understand the cloud benefit. Too much Batman homage, not enough respect for the audience’s intelligence.

2 thoughts on “Misusing “the cloud””

  1. I saw that, but I think ‘To the Cloud’ actually has more to do with http://www.Office365.com then it does with HTML5 based features or replacing Windows Live Essential apps. Its about moving entire IT infrastructure to cloud services: Servers, Exchange/Email/Office Apps/SharePoint and Online Collaboration.

  2. The other thing is this advertisement is obviously about using tools to use local and remote cloud data together. Its not a new concept since SharePoint has always been used the same way. For example, in an office environment, we create data to publish on internal websites that can be shared or pulled back into local tools. This is just an extension of that idea, but I think its to get everyday people to think about the possibilities of work this way, in order to sell more online services.

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