Giggle (or usability issue) of the day

I thought this was funny, and a true statement about the state of the Web today.

Fortunately someone at Mozilla is finally tackling problems like this, by implementing HTML 5 form controls and features. At a very shocking rate, I must say – it’s as if this has been his full-time job. I can’t keep up with him – I can only read the Bugzilla e-mails I get on it. Wow.

His name is Mounir Lamouri (volkmar on irc), and if you’re remotely interested in usability of web forms, you should keep an eye on him.

By the way, if you use a form on the web for anything: yeah, you should care. 🙂 He’s doing what I dreamed of doing three years ago, but never had the time to really do. (I was busy getting hired and learning C++ – so back then I was biting off more than I could chew.)