Wanted: Wizard & Dialog Mochitests

Wizard tests and dialog tests.


We don’t have a lot of tests to say that a wizard or dialog will function as desired. Since I’m building a pretty complex wizard, it’d be nice to have some assurance that when I hit “Next”, it will end up on the next page – and that the button changes to “Finish” when it’s supposed to, for example. I’d also like to write some tests specific to that wizard I’m building.

I’m not quite sure how to write such a test. The best idea I have is that the dialog check for a query string value indicating “I’m a test, do something different”. I need some sort of standard way for running tests a dialog’s opener specifies.

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Wizard & Dialog Mochitests”

  1. What you could do and which we are doing in many casesin testing UI is doing a certain thing (e.g. dialog/window startup) is issuing custom events at certain actions, and catch those events from the test.

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