Fifteen minutes of fame?

Wow. This is actually a pretty cool feeling.
I’ve been fielding about a half-dozen requests for more information — and better yet, dialogues! — with several different people interested in my MathML editor project. The serverpost widget is finished, and one or two people have asked for the source code for that. I’ve given it to them.
But the MathML editor is waking people up, and I haven’t even got a working demo yet on Abacus. I’m about 50%-65% there, trying to simplify things considerably so that I can launch the project on mozdev with as little difficulty as possible.
The good news is it’s only a matter of time before I have it working. The bad news is I don’t know how much. I do have other things on my mind (almost none of them Mozilla-related), and at this point the editor is itself something I work on in my spare time. So it’s sort of a challenge for me to figure out how to do it right.
One of the big things stopping me now from putting together a demo is deciding just how to store the templates that this editor will use. I thought I had a pretty good XML format for that, but then a good idea regarding clickable icons struck, and I haven’t fully figured out how to integrate that idea into the templates yet.
I should have a couple new widgets to release here in the next few days. One is a simple integer control box, where you can use arrow keys or scroll buttons to adjust the value of a number (0, 1, 2, etc.) That one works, but it’s not generic enough for my tastes. Another will be a character picker, which lets you choose a character from any of the 65,000-ish characters which XML supports.
All in all, things are looking up. Except in terms of actual employment… I’ve been offered a part-time job by a friend. I hope I can hold it (he’s quite the professional, and it’s a high standard to accomplish…).
Still, having others within the Mozilla community voice support for me and my particular project is a very nice feeling. I hope it (the support, not just the feeling) last more than fifteen minutes. 🙂
Of course, not everybody’s going to like it, I suspect…