MathML Editor: here’s what’s happening

I took a moment recently to write down my thoughts, after doing a little coding on the MathML Editor in XUL project for (yes, I know, the site is still vanilla).
As of 22 Feb, here’s what my notes say:
* The template editor now works, at least in terms of creating templates.
* Interactions with the server (storing templates, retrieving them, selecting them for editing) don’t work.
* I need to launch and see if I can actually run this little PHP+MySQL-based applet on the site. If not, I need another home for the templates under development.
* Undecided how to handle xml:lang and the markup language selection. (I figured it out the next day, but I haven’t coded it in yet.)
* The actual MathML editor itself is not yet developed.
***** Documentation very badly needed, or no one will ever understand how to use the thing.
* MySQL database design is almost ready; I still have to have some way of figuring out how to tag a set of templates as a ‘release’, and how to give those templates a proper version number.
* The “fill-in-the-blank” widget works.
* The “fitb-set” widget (for designating a repeated section of code including fitb’s) doesn’t work yet.
* I don’t have a demo using the MathML editor built yet.
* I need to export a SQL query to rebuild the tables from scratch, for docs.
* I need to reorganize what I do have for the mozdev file system
* I need to write a primer on how to use MathML and the MathML editor’s mEdit namespace together
* I need to reorganize the template editor to better use the screen space it has, with my DOM utilities to keep everything synchronized.
* I need to finish the serverpost specs.
* I need to support subsets of common controls (say, a login & password together) in the serverpost.
* If possible, I need to tie in the template editor with Bugzilla for mozdev if possible (probably just through an iframe).
* I need a system for an editor to specify how many fitb elements to generate, given fitb-set elements.
* I need to lock down the usage of the mEdit namespace to prevent mischief.
* I need some sort of icon picker that will let the template developer (a human being) choose an icon to represent a particular mathematical operation.
**** I need to document all this stuff so that people reading this blog entry will have some idea what I’m actually talking about. (Oh, wait, I said that already, didn’t I?) 😉
Don’t worry, guys, answers are coming. Give me a computer that runs Apache locally and has a recent Mozilla, and you’ll see some of the toys I’m building. Maybe at Dev Day three days hence.
UPDATE: After Dev Day, caillon mentioned to me someone else is almost done building a MathML editor. I really would like to find out who and take a look at what they’ve got (both source code and appearance).