News Article: You used JavaScript to write WHAT?

You used JavaScript to write WHAT?

I think it’s an interesting article. In particular, the author’s comments about JS performance on page 2. Oh, I really want to get my hands on Tamarin inside Firefox…

There’s a thought that’s been rumbling around my head for a few weeks, and I just want to throw it out there. Wouldn’t it be nice, as Tamarin stabilizes, to have a Firefox 3.1 which was the same as Firefox 3.0, but using the Tamarin engine instead of the current JS interpreter? The first fruits of Mozilla 2.0, so to speak, and a preview of what’s in store for JavaScript-land. We could even call it Firefox 3.14159. 🙂

I have no idea if this is technically feasible or not

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. Hopefully one or two of the Tamarin hackers can chime in here.

2 thoughts on “News Article: You used JavaScript to write WHAT?”

  1. You mean Tamarin is *not* going to make it into the already very late Fx3? Great!
    (From Alex: You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the talk about Tamarin, particularly about how it would be part of Mozilla’s JavaScript 2 implementation, and thus part of Mozilla 2 and Firefox 4. I’m just trying to see if we can get JS2 early… when Tamarin is ready, which right now it certainly is not.)

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