Turned 30 today… more ruminations on me, tech… and life

As opposed to a depressing outlook on life four years ago, I’m really quite pleased with my immediate future. I’m rocking and rolling at DVC (we just got some nice t-shirts), and (at least for the moment) my workload is somewhat manageable. At DVC, anyway.

That said, there’s still room for improvement. We still don’t have a XPCOM debugger – and with Tamarin reshaping JavaScript next year, it may be harder to do than ever before. (Or easier. It’s an open question what will happen to JS debugging in the future. But I’ll still try to do some kind of 1.9-compatible mockup.) I postponed my Verbosio work again, and I’m trying to find time for that. I’m still overwhelmed with the amount of Mozilla tasks that I can’t find time for, not to mention a number of other very worthy projects to help out on, all of which I have repeatedly dropped the ball on. About the only one I still participate in on a regular basis is CodingForums, where I’ve been moderating the XML forum for over five years, and helping out for over ten (though even that’s suffered lately).

Not to mention the complete (and I do mean complete) lack of a life. For the first time in a decade, I am not able to fly home and visit family this year. Christmas this year will be very, very lonely.

Here’s a hint for anyone just entering the software industry: you can find yourself loving your chosen hobby too much. It’s happened to me, and though I’ve benefited in some ways, the tradeoffs hurt.

A few other random thoughts…

  • I guess MTV doesn’t care about me any more. 30 years old, right? They’re after the teens & twenties. Then again, I’m not sure how much I’ve cared for MTV myself, either – the best show they had was “The Grind”, and that was gone before I graduated high school. More to the point, pop culture has advertised rebellion against the norm for as long as I can remember. Yet I’ve been more of a rebel than anything you see on the television – rebelling against some of the very practices pop culture extols. How often will you see any semblance of faith, on MTV? Hmm?
  • More to the point (comments about no life notwithstanding), I’m actually happy. Sure, I complain a bit (hmm, I just reviewed my blog entries for this year, and they’re remarkably free of gripes… something’s up). But there’s something about doing what you love doing, and getting paid to do it, that satisfies you.
  • I really wish I was teaching other people this Mozilla stuff. Even as I continue to learn, and to blog about some of what I learn, there’s still a tremendous shortage of Mozilla developers available. Which is really sad, because over the past decade, a lot of really bright people have made it a fantastic platform to build on. It’s one thing I really envy Dave Humphrey for. He’s waking up people to what’s possible, on a daily basis. I’d leap at the chance to teach this to others in my spare time, simply because I need a ton of help too – especially at DVC.
  • I miss camping, or anything outdoors-ish. One major downside to not having (or wanting) a car, I guess.
  • Playoffs? Playoffs! Not to mention how a Week 1 game gives my home team the #3 seed over T.B. Five years, including a Super Bowl visit, running…
  • Now that I mention it, MTV doesn’t care about me, but I guess the NFL does… tickets to Monster Park aren’t cheap. (Neither are their players.) At least the fans in San Francisco weren’t that hard on me in late September. To the 49ers Faithful: it’s not personal. 🙂 I only get to see my team play without a television once a year, and only since last year.
  • I really need to clean my apartment.
  • I wasn’t really looking forward to turning 30. But it’s here now, so… hm, what was I so grumpy about?