Hack Code, Will Travel

My boss and I have decided to part ways. At first it wasn’t very cordial, but after a quick phone call a couple hours later, we’d calmed down, and then I confirmed the decision.
It’s been a long time coming. But now, I find myself needing a new job.
Anybody willing to hire someone familiar with XML and Mozilla, who wants to develop new toys for Mozilla? Anybody willing to hire someone for a MathML editor in Mozilla?
It doesn’t have to be work relating to Mozilla. That would be nice, but some sort of stable employment where I can afford to live and get around would be quite acceptable. All I’m looking for is a fair deal — for both parties.
I’ve done data entry before; I actually loved it. I’m not much good at advertising, and I’m capable of physical labor, but if it’s office- or computer-related, I can definitely hold my own

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2 thoughts on “Hack Code, Will Travel”

  1. I wish you luck searching for a job, I’m sure you will find one quickly!
    Have you talked to Daniel Gazman about a Job offer (hell you get to go to paris).
    In his blog he mentioned he was looking for some mozilla savy programers (XUL, XPCOM, etc.) probably for working on NVU, I’m not sure. You shoudl contact him, nothing to loose.

  2. Yes, I have — about two weeks ago. I’d be willing to go to France, personally. I’m not sure it’d be within his budget to bring someone that far, though…

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