Verbosio goes on hiatus

With OpenKomodo coming, I think I should really put Verbosio on hold for the moment. Komodo’s capabilities bring so much to the table that I’d be a fool not to look at moving much of Verbosio’s infrastructure over to Komodo instead of XULRunner. This means learning another platform (not as much fun as you might think), seeing what API’s I can benefit from, and what I can contribute back. Making sure OpenKomodo works on trunk XULRunner will probably be one of my main goals (since Verbosio uses several trunk features).

I am really quite pleased to hear this. It’s the kind of thing I’d want to throw a party for. I’ve been a big fan of ActiveState’s Komodo work ever since I was introduced to it at OSCON 2002. I kept thinking, “I want that!” Now, ActiveState is saying, “Here you go.” You just can’t beat that.

Verbosio’s on de facto hold anyway, as I’ve (once again) bitten off more than I can chew. If I could find a couple days uninterrupted, I’d be able to finish off the next piece of UI for it…

Nine days to Mozilla 24! Too bad we only get nine hours at the Stanford hall… anyone interested in hosting and/or joining me during the other fifteen for a hackathon?

One thought on “Verbosio goes on hiatus”

  1. As it happens, making sure the Open Komodo codebase works on XULRunner and runs on trunk is a big aim of the Komodo team as well! We’re really looking forward to getting other people into the code, if you have any questions please let us know.
    If you want to poke around in the code right now, probably the best thing to do is grab Komodo Edit[1] and check out the ko.* JS API[2], as well as our IDLS[3]. Writing macros and extensions on Komodo can be a great way to dig into the API without having to do a full build environment.
    [2] The ko.* namespace documentation is included in Komodo’s Help docs.
    [3] From Komodo 4.1 and on, the IDL files can now be found in the Komodo install directory:

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