Roadshow: Bicyclists just want to know how to trigger left-turn signal


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. Roadshow from the San Jose Mercury News

I landed in the newspaper yet again. I don’t know how I do it. (It’s also my 400th blog entry.)

3 thoughts on “Roadshow: Bicyclists just want to know how to trigger left-turn signal”

  1. “So why not require bicyclists to use pedestrian push buttons, as Mr. Vincent suggested?” (all kinds of objections against pedestrian push buttons usage follow)
    Or they could just place push-buttons especially for bikes along the bicycle lane, just like we have them in the Netherlands. Seems a whole lot simpler and fool-proof than electrical loops where you have to stop at some exact spot or whatever. I don�t think we have any of those in the Netherlands.
    I don�t think we use electric loops if there is no separate bicycle lane, unless the road is small enough that a push button posted on the sidewalk can be easily reached. In all those cases, I think the traffic lights are just on a timer.

  2. Y’know, when I read that headline, I don’t think immediately about traffic lights, I keep thinking of bicyclists who want to be able to force oncoming cars to use their turn signals…. 😉

  3. Word. Luckily I only have one such light on my daily commute, on the way home, but it’s annoying every time. I had to wait on two last year, which was a bit worse, especially since I’d usually return from the office a bit later than I do this year, and there were a bit fewer cars out.

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