Reflections on a Solid State Society

Last night, Sci-Fi Channel aired the USA premiere of “Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society”. As I am a fan of anime in general and sci-fi anime in particular, I was quite thrilled about it. This follow-on to the original movies, and more specifically the Stand-Alone Complex series (plural), lives up to my expectations. A good tale, one that makes you think – and that, my friends, is the hallmark of really good science fiction.

Since I don’t do movie reviews on my blog, I’ll leave it at that. The DVD comes out next month, I believe.

The producers behind GitS have also indicated this isn’t the end of the SAC series

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. So I’d like to suggest to the folks at Mozilla Japan (and fans in that part of the world) that maybe we can get a little inside joke into the next series.

Specifically, this little guy. The way I envision it, Chief Aramaki digs up a little robotic doll reminiscent of him, and gives it to Togusa’s daughter for a birthday gift. The “old ape” (SeaMonkey reference) talks about how his brother passed it on to him years and years ago, and it’s become a pet (much like how many of us treat our preferred Internet browser). As the storyline for GitS only takes place about 30 years into our future, people like Togusa and Aramaki would certainly remember it from their own younger days.

Call me silly, but I like nice touches like that.

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  1. If I knew someone in the management at Production I.G, I’d give it a shot….
    (From Alex: All I can say is ask around. Friends of friends might be able to get you the connection.
    Or you could translate my posting into Japanese, and repost it. That might work too.)

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