Verbosio progress, 06/10/2007

I keep telling myself I’m two to three weeks away from a proof-of-concept release. Unfortunately, finding those weeks is proving very difficult. Hence, not much outward progress on Verbosio lately.

Just a way you can edit DTD entities with the XML you’re also editing!

It also is a little dynamic:

Finally, the changes you’re making don’t apply until you hit the “OK” button. If you then open up the DTD document, you’ll see the DTD itself also has the new value:

I had originally written this so the DTD entity would be exposed beneath the attribute value, so you could change the DTD name and value by independent textboxes. One glance at that user interface told me it wasn’t going to work – it was going to be non-obvious. So I redesigned it from scratch. The “goalposts” you see in these images are actually SVG markup, living anonymously within a XBL binding on a <markup:entity-box/> element inside a XUL document. That’s four different XML languages, plus JavaScript – one of those languages being a graphics language – all working together to give an unique look and feel which I hope is intuitive. XULRunner 1.9a5 just smiles at this and says, “More, please.”

The effects aren’t perfect, and neither is the implementation. For instance, if you type into the textbox something larger than the textbox’s visual size, the goalposts move outside the textbox’s horizontal boundaries. Also, actually committing the changes (clicking “Ok”) does far more DOM operations than are strictly necessary. Here, all that Verbosio should need to do is a few attribute modifications, but in reality it also does node insertions and removals. So the code, while functional, needs some optimization.

The change log, as usual, is in the extended entry.

2007-06-10 08:19  ajvincent
* verbosio/www/screenshots.html: Add images for June 10, 2007 to
screenshots page.
2007-06-10 08:15  ajvincent
* verbosio/www/images/Jun10_2007/: showDTDEntity.png,
showDTDEntity_thumb.png: Fix screenshots showing the DTD entity
for the first time.
2007-06-10 08:07  ajvincent
* verbosio/www/screenshots.html: Switch screenshots.html to using
thumbnails for April 26, 2007.
2007-06-10 08:05  ajvincent
* verbosio/www/images/: Apr26_2007/menuitemEdit_thumb.png,
Apr26_2007/previewPanel_thumb.png, Jun10_2007/dtdUpdated.png,
Jun10_2007/dtdUpdated_thumb.png, Jun10_2007/editDTDEntity.png,
Jun10_2007/editDTDEntity_thumb.png, Jun10_2007/itemEdit.png,
Jun10_2007/itemEdit_thumb.png, Jun10_2007/showDTDEntity.png,
Jun10_2007/showDTDEntity_thumb.png: Add new screenshots and
thumbnails for June 10, 2007.  Add thumbnails for April 26, 2007.
2007-06-10 02:00  ajvincent
Teach preview document viewer how to react to mutation DOM events
from the master document.
2007-06-10 01:52  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: Register added wrappers
with the mutation event registry.
2007-06-10 01:51  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/xpathgen/components/nsXPathGenerator.js: Post new
XPathGenerator component (from bug 319768 @  Not an exact copy, but close enough.
2007-06-10 01:49  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/entityManager.js: Convert assertion
(possibly bogus) to warning; editing DTD entities seems to work
without the assertion.
2007-06-10 01:47  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/tools/mutationEvents.js: Remove unused
eventSubtreeModifiedDispatcher for mutationEventRegistry.  Update
mutationEventRegistry to reflect current API (gDocumentPack
instead of unused documentRegistry).	Add new
mutationEventNotifier to notify document viewers of mutation
2007-06-10 01:44  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/bindings/verbosio.xml: Remove some
excessively noisy dump statements.
2007-06-09 18:35  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/templateXTF.js: Update the template
when the user types something into a textbox.
2007-06-09 18:27  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: Fix API change on
txnDispatcher.executeListeners:  gDocumentPack owns the
transaction manager, not individual document wrappers.
2007-06-09 18:25  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/templateFrame.xul: Fix assertions for
scope not having a Components property.'
2007-06-09 18:23  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/documentFile.js: Back out part of
documentFile.js rev 1.14, as it broke support for Windows.
2007-06-09 16:57  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/app-resources/ecma-debug.js: Fix minor
regression with warn() calls.
2007-06-09 16:47  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/templateFrame.xul: Add commands for
accepting and canceling a template's changes.
2007-06-09 16:46  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/tools/xeTransactionCommon.js: Add an
entity change action for recorded transactions.
2007-06-09 16:45  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/entityManager.js: Track the owner
node of an entity through clones.  Also, update each attribute
only once.
2007-06-09 16:43  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/: components/templateXTF.js,
idl/xeIMarkupLanguage.idl: Implement exporting of document
fragments from an edited markup template.  These fragments will
replace the original node they edit.
2007-06-09 16:42  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: The verbosio.advanceTxn()
call should not need a xeIDocumentWrapper argument.
2007-06-03 22:58  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/xeBaseURIMap.js: Kill Windows
newline characters.
2007-06-03 22:57  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/ As module files currently live in
the components directory, copy them to the modules directory
before backporting to srcdir.
2007-06-03 22:52  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/: nodePositionService.js,
templateXTF.js, textDocumentWrapper.js, verbosio-utils.js,
virtualProtocol.js, xeBaseURIMap.js, xeFileSearch.js,
xeTestEngine.js: Code redux:	Use XPCOMUtils.jsm,
ArrayConverter.jsm, ecma-debug.jsm, XMLValidator.jsm modules, and
drop a lot of redundant code as a result.
2007-06-03 22:48  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/xblLanguagePack.js: Strict warning
fix:	lose a trailing comma.
2007-06-03 21:32  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/verbosioEditor.js: Kill
verbosioEditor.js - the transaction that originally needed it
turned out to be unnecessary.
2007-06-03 17:27  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/entityManager.js: Code redux:  Use
XPCOMUtils.jsm, ArrayConverter.jsm, ecma-debug.jsm,
XMLValidate.jsm modules for entityManager.js.
2007-06-03 17:26  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/modules/ecma-debug.jsm: ECMA Debug module
2007-06-03 17:25  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/modules/XMLValidator.jsm: Don't dump the
JavaScript stack for XMLValidator.validate() failures.
2007-06-03 16:47  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/: components/documentFile.js,
modules/XMLValidator.jsm: Code redux:  Add XMLValidator
JavaScript module.  Use XMLValidator.jsm for documentFile.js.
2007-06-03 16:26  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/modules/ArrayConverter.jsm: Add
ArrayConverter.jsm (from patch v1.1)
2007-06-03 16:18  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/documentFile.js: Code redux:  use
ecma-debug.jsm for documentFile.js
2007-06-03 16:11  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/:, Add support for
Verbosio JS modules to the build process.
2007-06-03 15:47  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/modules/: ecma-debug.js, ecma-debug.jsm: Copy
verbosio/src/core/app-resources/ecma-debug.js rev 1.3 to
verbosio/src/core/modules/ecma-debug.jsm rev 1.1.
2007-06-03 15:46  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/modules/ecma-debug.js: Copy
verbosio/src/core/app-resources/ecma-debug.js rev 1.3 to
verbosio/src/core/modules/ecma-debug.js rev 1.1.
2007-06-03 15:43  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/app-resources/ecma-debug.js: Adjust
ecma-debug.js script in preparation for module import.
2007-06-03 15:30  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/documentFile.js: Code redux:  use
XPCOMUtils.jsm for module code, documentFile.js
2007-06-02 23:27  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/ Move Verbosio requirements
for base platform to XULRunner 1.9a5.
2007-06-01 22:07  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/templateXTF.js: Remove
handleDefault() from templateXTF, as a result of bug
378247 being fixed.
2007-06-01 22:06  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/idl/xeIDTDWrapper.idl: Code style change:
arguments for methods should be on different lines.
2007-06-01 22:06  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/code-languages/css/components/css-document.js:
Factor out a couple more interfaces we know the CSS document
wrapper does not support.
2007-06-01 22:04  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/: core/components/DTDDocumentWrapper.js,
core/components/xeTestEngine.js, core/idl/xeIEntityManager.idl,
document-packs/xul-application/components/xul-application.js: Add
support for changing the value of a DTD entity, and updating the
XML documents that entity affects.
2007-06-01 21:45  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/idl/xeITransaction.idl: Drop
getAffectedWrappers() method; we're not doing validation work in
2007-05-28 14:32  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: Remove the transaction
control object from verbosio.js.
2007-05-28 08:59  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/xeTestEngine.js: Remove dead
testcase, and check caught errors a little more carefully.
2007-05-28 08:58  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/: core/content/template.css,
generic-viewers/preview-edit/content/preview-edit.js: Move some
styling of markup template UI's around - most notably
overflow:scroll should belong to the  element.
2007-05-28 08:56  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/documentFile.js: Add some
assertions, and bail out if we try to load a jarred file.
2007-05-28 08:55  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/DTDDocumentWrapper.js: Update
DTDDocumentWrapper.js file to reflect minor changes (transaction
managers belonging to the doc pack, base wrappers for each DTD
wrapper, etc.
2007-05-28 08:50  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/idl/: xeIDocumentWrapper.idl,
xeIPrecondition.idl: Forward-declare interfaces instead of
importing them.  This helps to isolate IDL syntax errors to a
specific file.
2007-05-28 08:48  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/: core/components/entityManager.js,
markup-languages/xul/components/xul-document.js: Document packs
should own entity managers, not XML document wrappers.  Also,
lose the xeITransactionControl implementation.
2007-05-28 08:45  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/idl/: xeIDocumentPack.idl,
xeIEntityManager.idl, xeIXMLDocumentWrapper.idl: Document packs
should own entity managers, not XML document wrappers.
2007-05-28 08:43  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/idl/xeIDTDWrapper.idl: JavaDoc fixes for
2007-05-28 08:41  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/: components/xeTransactionControl.js,
idl/xeITransactionControl.idl: Remove xeITransactionControl.idl,
xeTransactionControl.js.  They were not scalable (imagine doing
an action, opening a new document, undoing the action).
2007-05-11 20:39  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/template.css: CSS error fix from
previous checkin.
2007-05-11 20:31  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: Update verbosio.js
transaction handling to reflect API changes at shutdown.
2007-05-11 20:29  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/: template.css, bindings/template.xml:
Add 'goalposts' user interface indicators for DTD entity editing.
Work in progress.
2007-05-08 20:58  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/: core/components/xeTestEngine.js,
Implement application pack component for XUL-based extensions.
2007-05-08 20:49  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/tools/packTypesRegistry.js: Add XXX
comment for pack types registry.  It should use the native
category manager, but currently doesn't.
2007-05-08 20:46  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/: core/components/xeTransactionControl.js,
misc/uuid.txt: Mark uuid's reserved, and use a new one for
xeTransactionControl's TransactionListener.
2007-05-07 22:32  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/: core/components/entityManager.js,
core/components/templateXTF.js, core/components/xeTestEngine.js,
core/content/bindings/template.xml, misc/uuid.txt: Convert entity
references for attributes into xeIEntity objects - lose the
wrappedJSObject hacks.
2007-05-07 22:11  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/virtualProtocol.js: Silence lots of
virtual protocol, virtual channel QI warnings.
2007-05-02 23:16  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: Bustage fix for previous
2007-05-02 23:11  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/content/verbosio.js: Transaction handling
rewrite, phase 1:  Rewrite xeITransaction to list document
wrappers it affects, and add xeTransactionControl.js, which
requires transactions implement xeITransaction and only modify
documents under their control.
2007-05-02 23:07  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/: components/xeTestEngine.js,
components/xeTransactionControl.js, idl/xeIDocumentWrapper.idl,
idl/xeITransaction.idl, idl/xeITransactionControl.idl:
Transaction handling rewrite, phase 1:  Rewrite xeITransaction to
list document wrappers it affects, and add
xeTransactionControl.js, which requires transactions implement
xeITransaction and only modify documents under their control.
2007-05-01 21:55  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/components/xeTestEngine.js: Automated test
regression fix (believed to be 1.9a4 tweak) - typeof
entityData['XUL_NS'] == 'object'.
2007-04-28 19:58  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/markup-languages/xul/content/templates.xml: Show
entities to the user for the menuitem template.
2007-04-28 19:57  ajvincent
* verbosio/src/core/: components/templateXTF.js,
content/template.css, content/templateFrame.xul,
content/bindings/template.xml: Add support for showing DTD
entities to the user 

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. Implement a binding for this. 2007-04-28 19:53 ajvincent * verbosio/src/core/components/entityManager.js: Adjust stored entity maps to include the value of the entity (for text entities), and the document wrapper it came from. 2007-04-28 19:51 ajvincent * verbosio/src/core/: components/DTDDocumentWrapper.js, idl/xeIDTDWrapper.idl: Add baseWrapper property to xeIDTDWrapper. 2007-04-28 19:48 ajvincent * verbosio/src/core/idl/xeIVirtualFileService.idl: Remove dump method from xeIVirtualFileService. 2007-04-28 15:01 ajvincent * verbosio/src/core/components/: virtualProtocol.js, xeTestEngine.js: Bug 16934, clean up and review virtual:// protocol handler. Also add testcase for protocol handler. r=biesi 2007-04-27 20:26 ajvincent * verbosio/src/core/ Move Verbosio requirement for XULRunner to a minimum version of 1.9a5pre.