Jules Verne time

(As in, “From the Earth To The Moon”.)

So the Mozpad group has started, even though we don’t have all our goals figured out yet. I think overall the group has gotten a pretty good response, much like SeaMonkey did when they first started out. But we’re not out of the woods yet.

With the creation of moon.mozpad.org, I’m going to need a bit of help creating a RSS feed for them. I’ll be creating a new category on my blog, “XULRunner thoughts”, but unfortunately, I don’t know enough about MovableType to create a feed template for a category. So if anyone out there can lend a hand (or better yet, some markup template with instructions on where to put it), I’d appreciate it. Other MZ-hosted bloggers might like it too.

One of the proposed goals for Mozpad is to figure out some basic requirements for a successful XUL IDE project. (No, we’re not committing to building the IDE yet. That is a Really Hard Problem.) So when we do get a Mozpad newsgroup, I’ll be starting a newsgroup thread to ask what the community thinks they need. (Please don’t post replies to this blog entry; I just want to start people thinking about it.) Even so, we’re going to need a leader to gather the feedback and process it into a coherent requirements specification. No one’s stepped forward to champion that goal yet, and understandably.

I think, realistically, our goals for Mozpad are — and should be — shorter-term ones – somewhere around six months. Longer-term goals we do not want to set for ourselves, as we’re just starting out. We need to crawl before we learn how to walk, as the old saying goes. Everything on the goals list is achievable with a little effort, and would net the community-at-large some tangible, healthy benefits. So if you can spend a couple hours a week on one of these subjects and it interests you, we could use your help as a champion, as a leader.

Finally, I’ll continue to put all my posts through planet.mozilla.org, even though the XULRunner-specific posts will also be on Mozpad. It’s just another step on the way to Florida, with a really BFG, pointed at the moon. Cover your ears, folks, it’s going to be a doozie.