Freedom of speech abused (stupidly)

I posted my draft on http:serverpost a few minutes ago, and I was stunned to see 227 comments on my blog total. I didn’t know I was ever that popular…
Turns out it’s apparently called blog spamming. It was obviously artificial (a whole bunch of people I’ve never seen before, talking about something other than Mozilla, all on the same day, within minutes or even seconds of each other, repeating the same stuff over and over again, etc.)
At first, I thought they were trying to advertise something, but after reading a few of the comments, I’ll be damned if I could figure out what… so whatever they were trying to do, they failed.
Confusing, and time-consuming to clean out. But stephend had it worse: 3000+ comments. Ouch.
One guy did fool me into reading his post with the name, “Baron David”. For obvious reasons, I glanced. dbaron may want to see about filing a lawsuit to protect his good name, if anyone ever figures out who it was who did this.
All I can say is, “Go figure.” It’s not like I’m that big a person in the Mozilla community.

One thought on “Freedom of speech abused (stupidly)”

  1. Are your referer logs public/spiderable?
    They could be looking to up their pagerank with links to their site (but one link would be more than enough, I’d think).

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