Verbosio progress, 02/18/2007

Gradual progress lately. I’m still building pieces I need to make Verbosio a relatively smart editor.

First, as Myk Melez talked about Komodo Edit, and Robert Accettura followed suit, I decided to get Komodo Edit 4.0. It just came out of beta. Like it did for Myk and Robert, it has replaced my standard text editing environment(s). I won’t reiterate the features they pointed out; suffice it to say I’m pretty pleased with it so far.

However, it’s not enough to make me stop working on Verbosio. I have several features in Verbosio’s design plan that I don’t see Komodo Edit doing. Komodo Edit is a vast improvement on what I have had at my disposal until now, and in some ways will still be better than what I alone can put out

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. By no means has Komodo Edit missed the boat; what they’ve done is fantastic, especially for a free product. I simply think that when I put Verbosio 0.1 out, it’s going to open a few eyes too.

Enough about Komodo Edit. What else have I been doing?

Today I implemented a components test engine for Verbosio. Testing should be the first aspect of any software development, and also the last (albiet not the only). Alas, I found myself repeating the same steps over and over again in the user-interface, which could be automated into a script. So I wrote that script.

The nice thing about test engines is they make finding bugs a bit easier. I ended up fixing a few bugs that I didn’t know I had. More importantly, I have a way to check for components-based regressions with a simple menu item.

I would have liked to make these tests xpcshell-based, but there’s a little problem with that right now. (Actually two, since my test component relies on chrome code; I’m not particularly pleased about that, but for the moment it’ll do.)

Oh, and I finally have my base URI map functionality worked out, at least for XUL applications. To explain, if I have two locations for a file:

  • chrome://verbosio/content/tools/ecma-debug.js
  • /home/ajvincent/verbosio/objdir/testing/chrome/content/verbosio/tools/ecma-debugs.js

Then they share a common path (tools/ecma-debug). The prefixes for these paths are “base URI’s”. The base URI’s which this file maps to are:

  • “chrome”: chrome://verbosio/content/
  • “local”: /home/ajvincent/verbosio/objdir/testing/chrome/content/verbosio/

When a XUL file references chrome://verbosio/content/verbosio.dtd, I then know to get /home/ajvincent/verbosio/objdir/testing/chrome/content/verbosio/verbosio.dtd instead.

There could be other base URI’s in a map, as well. Think of a website; a base URI could be for a /home/ajvincent/foo/htdocs/ directory.

3 thoughts on “Verbosio progress, 02/18/2007”

  1. Have you tried PSPad? It is way better than Komodo simply because it has “Replace in Files” feature.
    What is needed for any advanced text editor is “replace chunks of text in files”. This should include “replace text between delimiters IN FILES”.
    The other thing that is a must for any markup is auto highlight of the opening/closing tag (regardless of the attributes). Success.
    (From Alex: Replacing chunks of text… I’ll have to keep that in mind for Verbosio. Also, syntax highlighting is one of those things I don’t know how to do for Verbosio; that’s one area KE beats me on. db48x and I will talk it over again someday.)

  2. Am I missing something or does Komodo Edit fail to provide a sidebar view of all files on a remote server within it’s “Project” support?
    I’ve used many editors from Crimson Editor to UltraEdit. Pretty sure I’ve tried PSPad and countless others. I am astounded at how many editors are unable to provide a sidebar view of a remote folder (such as a website).
    What astounds me more though is the lack of “Save to FTP” support in graphics programs.
    (From Alex: You’re really asking the wrong person. I believe server integration comes with Komodo IDE, a non-free product which Komodo Edit derives from. KIDE does advertise CVS and Subversion integration, so they probably have FTP integration as well. As for KE, I don’t know yet.)
    For sure syntax highlighting is crucial Alex.
    Are you talking to Daniel Glazman about Verbosio? Why are there so many ‘forks’ of the one simple concept – the ‘Firefox’ of editors? Nvu, Komodo, Verbosio, Glazman’s new Composer … the list goes on.
    (From Alex: Yes, I am talking with Daniel Glazman, and Shane Caraveo of ActiveState. I talk with them very often. If you look, though, each of these projects has different goals.
    Do I intend to be the Firefox of editors? I’m not really sure yet; right now I’m trying to build something that works.)
    Why isn’t Mozilla leading such a project which could, after all, be morphed into an ‘Mozilla Platform’ IDE?
    (From Alex: Ask the Mozilla Foundation. As I understand it, they saw a much greater need for browsers and mail clients than for authoring tools. Hence the birth of Firefox and Thunderbird – and the spinoff of N|Vu 1.0 by Daniel Glazman.
    Finally, for what little it’s worth, congratulations for contributing the 1,000th useful comment to my blog.)

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