Verbosio progress, 12/20/2006

In developing Verbosio, I’m making localized patches to my source code (as Daniel Veditz correctly points out, fixing bugs that Verbosio needs is Verbosio development)

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. However, these patches haven’t yet been checked into the code, and may need further work before they do. To account for this, I hope to have an addition to the Verbosio bugs page listing the status of certain Verbosio-required bugs with patches people can apply. It needs some minor PHP work I don’t know how to do yet, so stay tuned.

I’ve also updated the make-project code to fix a couple conditions where the Verbosio objdir just wasn’t usable. No more manual hacks there.

I’ve also filed a tracking bug for bugs blocking Verbosio 0.1. Of these, implementing a DOM-Inspector-like viewer for documents is close to completion (the only one so far). It can let you edit elements, attributes, text nodes, character data nodes, processing instructions and comments. Deletion works, and I’m about to start work on insertion, creation and clipboard operations. What to display in the Inspector view for document nodes, I haven’t decided yet.

Tomorrow, I turn 29. Maybe it’s time for another article from me ruminating on technology. It’s really shocking how much I’ve changed, learned and grown as an engineer in three years. Certainly I’m not as depressed as I was then.