Verbosio progress, 12/7/2006

Verbosio can now edit text nodes.

That may sound like very little (“sixteen months of work on this, and the best you can do is edit a little string of text?”), but I’ve put a lot of effort into building infrastructure. Just editing text nodes itself turns into a little hassle. Text boxes work differently with keystrokes and clipboard pastes, so I had to handle that carefully. I also had to give people the impression that their changes in the textbox were live (that is, the text node updated as they typed) while letting undo work. My work this week has been centered around handling that case in a somewhat predictable manner.

On top of that, it’s not sixteen months of work on just Verbosio… I’ve had to set it aside often, for weeks at a time.

Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now I can work on more interesting abilities, like deleting a range of nodes and undoing that, or changing attributes on an element. Later on, well, things will get very sweet indeed.

One thought on “Verbosio progress, 12/7/2006”

  1. Has your work on Verbosio resulted in fixing any bugs in the Mozilla codebase?
    (From Alex: Oh, yes. Infrequently, but it does happen. Bug 363032, bug 362547, bug 342347, bug 342164, bug 334302, bug 312522, bug 260293, bug 201236…
    Plus a couple bugs in the review pipeline: bug 319768, bug 362695.)

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