XUL Widgets 0.5.2 Released

New in this release:

  • XULWidgets bug 15889: Partial fix for file uploads in serverpost. Thanks to arno for the patch; bug is still open at the moment for further work.
  • The menudeck widget has been resurrected; controldeck turns out to have a few unanticipated bugs.
  • textbox.xml now lets the standard XUL toolkit define the textbox’s editor property. Also a little tweak to prevent a textbox.xml error.
  • XUL Widgets will no longer be supported on the 1.8.0.x branch of Gecko code. That means Firefox 1.5 and SeaMonkey 1.0. (I realize SM 1.1 isn’t quite out yet, but it is expected soon.)

2 thoughts on “XUL Widgets 0.5.2 Released”

  1. “screenshots go here” Please?!?
    (From Alex: I should, yes. Screenshots I’d have to take from the test pages, as the XUL Widgets project doesn’t have a full-blown XUL applet or extension to it. It’s just a group of XUL widgets that need an app live in.)

    “The box was a universe, a poem, frozen on the boundaries of human experience. ”

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