A bigger toolkit, better tools

It’s semi-official: we are going to have a Mozilla 2.0.
I’m happy about that, somewhat. Sure, the number itself doesn’t mean a whole lot. But there’s been a lot of work done since 1.0.
Given that we are indeed going for 2.0, maybe mozilla.org’s contributors should consider adding new XUL (and XBL-based) widgets to the mix.
For instance, I’m working on an <xul:form/> element so that XUL can be a client-side user interface for a server-side application. XUL was originally designed to be the Mozilla chrome language, but HTML forms occasionally leave something to be desired. It’s a worthwhile goal, I think.
Seriously, I’d like to start creating widgets in XBL+JavaScript which Mozilla App Suite and its child applications (Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird, Composer++ to name a few) can start using. I’d really like to see others contribute such widgets, and maybe we can get a few of them in for Mozilla 2.0.
There are of course good reasons to not add every widget we come across (think code bloat). But a few good ones would be beneficial. I invite you to comment not only on whether or not widgets should be added for 2.0, but also widgets you can implement (but not widgets you’d like to see and haven’t got a clue how to do).
UPDATE: Turns out <xul:form/> wasn’t such a bright element name, so, here is a partially tested demonstration XUL file for <xul:serverpost/>.
Probably won’t work until Monday noon PST (thanks to bsmedberg for graciously hosting, though I had to fix a couple bugs and the corrected version won’t be there until then)
I filed Bug 231833 to implement this widget

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3 thoughts on “A bigger toolkit, better tools”

  1. Looks great. I had planned on creating something like this, and I thought about using an attribute like ‘serverpostnames’ to do it. I also notice you can add a method for custom elements. Might be nice if it could automatically use the value property in this case.
    I had thought of using a more generic name for what you call the serverpost tag, although I couldn’t think of one. Then, the tag would have a type attribute to indicate the type. For instance, type=”get|post|soap|xmlrpc|…”, for generic posting.

  2. Sounds like a good idea, I think we need a repository of XBL widgets, I have some that could be of interest to others and think the same goes for many people out there hacking XUL for a while, maybe we can show what a powerful technology XBL is

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