A couple weeks ago, I ordered a Mac Mini for Mozilla development purposes. This was intended as a short-term replacement for my dysfunctional laptop, and to give me coverage on the Macintosh platform which I didn’t have before.

I won’t rant about FedEx here; suffice it to say they’ve got good company-to-customer communication, but their support for customer-to-company leaves a bit to be desired…

I was going to write up an entry detailing the two evenings it took me to set up the Mac for building (it’s not quite a 45 minute process for a first-timer, but the docs were there). Suffice it to say that I successfully built a SeaMonkey 1.0.x build for verification, and executed it with general satisfaction.

Also last night, I caught the pilot of “Eureka” on Sci-Fi channel.

I thought the show was pretty good. There were a couple cliches, of course, but I really enjoyed it

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. I must say, as a techie and an amateur (but well-received) sci-fi writer, I’d very much like to write an episode of that show. It was really well done, a fair amount of comedy to go with the storyline. My imagination was cooking last night with three or four jokes and/or homages that I could pull as part of a story I also envisioned.

The beauty of open-source: when something can be improved, even in the slightest way, people inspire themselves to do it…

But who’s going to offer me a decent contract? 🙂 My “JavaScript Developer’s Dictionary” book won’t carry that much weight.

One thought on “Eureka”

  1. Now I know who to bug when I get my Macbook in 🙂
    I’m a little scared that it took you two nights to do though.
    (From Alex: Well, I’d never done it before. It takes a little while to build up competence on any platform – Linux and Windows included.)

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