E-mail addresses now required (and hello “Alex Santa”)

I’ve changed the configuration on my weblog to require e-mail addresses from all commenters. Rest assured, I won’t disclose them; I just want at least some idea of who’s talking to me, so I can respond.

More to the point, I’ve been getting another new surge of blogspam lately, and so I did a few WHOIS searches on several of the domain names that keep popping up. One “Alex Santa” of Moscou, RU keeps coming up.

Mr. Santa, I am writing this to you now: either you or someone you are paying has been blogspamming me (and probably most of my feedhouse/planet companions) for a very long time now. However, I thought you might have caught on by now that it’s not working over here: every one of these blogspam for over two years has not seen the light of day on my weblog.

Ultimately, since the source of funding for these blogspam is coming from you, you may find yourself the target of a lawsuit. Not from me alone (I don’t have that much money), but sooner or later you’re really going to tick someone off. We’re spending too much time cleaning up after you and those you pay to advertise your worthless link sites.

One thought on “E-mail addresses now required (and hello “Alex Santa”)”

  1. I wonder if he’ll read this…
    The problem is there are thousands of weblogs without spam protection of any kind… as long as those are around, they’ll probably persist. I doubt they pay very close attention to their targets. Perhaps Mr. Santa can enlighten us.
    (From Alex: All I can say is the amount of blogspam trying to ram through my system has gone up significantly in the last twenty-four hours. Really very amusing.)

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